Morning Security Brief: NSA Data Center Stalled, Problems with Antibullying Programs, and More

By Lilly Chapa

►The opening of a National Security Agency data center designed to store massive amounts of classified information has been delayed for a year, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal and cited by FCW and The Washington Post. The problem is not totally known, but the Army Corps of Engineers discovered electrical problems. The $1.7 billion Utah-based center will be the NSA’s largest data storage center in the U.S., and contains supercomputers that constantly use 65 megawatts of electricity—enough to power 33,000 houses. Officials are tight-lipped about any specifics of the center, but say that it will play a key role in the nation’s effort to protect national security networks and allow U.S. authorities to monitor for potential cyberthreats. 

► CBS News has an article about bullying and the growing body of research suggesting that programs aimed at fighting bullying in schools may have the opposite effect. For example, one study of 7,000 students from 50 states found that those at schools with antibullying initiatives were more likely to become victims.

►And in other news, a new report from Juniper Research found that more than 80 percent of smartphones are unprotected from malware and other possible malicious attacks. This includes both business and personal phones. A severe lack of awareness among consumers is a major factor to why there is such a low level of mobile security software adoption, according to the report. ⇒In Russia, according to a report from the Voice of Russia, special services are tightening control over the country’s border ahead of the 2014 Olympic Games to prevent the entrance of militants from nearby nations as well as the smuggling of gear for staging terrorist attacks. The country has been working to upgrade the infrastructure of border checkpoints and are holding exercises and tests to check security forces’ readiness.


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