Morning Security Brief: NSA Collecting Data To Aid In Drone Strikes, PR Newswire and Adobe Hacks Connected, And More

By Lilly Chapa

► Documents provided to The Washington Post by NSA contractor Edward Snowden detail the collaboration between the CIA and the National Security Administration in regards to the drone strike program. According to the documents, the NSA has been secretly controlling laptops and tracking radio transmissions in Pakistan to locate suspected terrorists. In fact, the program led to the drone strike on Hassan Ghul, an al Qaeda operative who told the CIA about Osama bin Laden’s courier network, after the NSA intercepted an e-mail from his wife hinting at his location. The documents show that the drone campaign run by the CIA relies heavily on the NSA’s cybersurveillance.

►More details have emerged about the hackers behind the March 2013 cyberattack on publicity service PR Newswire, according to Krebs on Security. The data stolen from the Web site has surfaced on the same Internet servers where stolen Adobe source code and data was recently found, suggesting a connection between the two attacks. PR Newswire has said it will begin alerting affected customers and asking them to change their account passwords. Right now, it appears that the hackers did not do anything malicious with the stolen data, but the information could be used to create fake press releases, which could wreak havoc globally.

►Also in the news, Facebook discusses plans for improved security, reports PCWorld. "Facebook's security roadmap includes moving from 1,024-bit to 2,048-bit RSA encryption, Sullivan said. It also plans to implement Perfect Forward Secrecy, an encryption feature that limits the amount of data that can be decrypted if a private key is compromised in the future. Sullivan said he hopes that work is finished by year's end." ⇒ And The BBC reports that the head of Europol, Europe's crime fighting agency, warns of the growing risk of organized crime groups using cyberattacks to help them traffic illegal drugs.


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