Morning Security Brief: Newtown Funerals Begin, Afghanistan Kidnappings, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►Six adults and 20 children were killed in Friday’s shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school. The names and photos of the victims have been released. President Barack Obama spoke Sunday in Newtown, Connecticut, and funerals for the victims begin this morning. Watch his full remarks above. Police say Adam Lanza, 20, shot his way into to the school and killed the children before killing himself. They also found his mother dead at home. “Lanza was armed with hundreds of bullets in high-capacity magazines of about 30 rounds each for the Bushmaster AR 15 rifle and two handguns he carried into the school, and had a fourth weapon, a shotgun, in his car outside,” Reuters reports. Schools around the country are reviewing their security plans.

►Kidnappers in Afghanistan are using leaked bank data to pick their targets, Reuters reports. These “kidnap gangs” often have ties to people who work in the bank and arrange ransoms for up to $1 million. It’s also suspected that police or intelligence officials are leaking the information.

►In other news, Topeka police aren’t providing many details about the situation surrounding the deaths of two officers Sunday evening. The officers responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle and were both shot in the head. ♦ The Guardian presents a map showing which countries have the highest firearms murders and the highest rates of gun ownership. ♦ And see behind-the-scenes of “Zero Dark Thirty,” the film about the Osama bin Laden raid.



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