Morning Security Brief: New Policing Methods Yielding Results, Business Computer Vulnerabilities Reported, and More

By Sherry Harowitz

► The swift capture of the suspects allegedly responsible for the New Orleans Mother’s Day parade shooting shows the results of a shift in policing methods being used by metropolitan police in New Orleans and elsewhere, reports the Christian Science Monitor. “As with other US cities, notably Atlanta, New Orleans has dramatically shifted its priorities away from low-level shakedowns of street dealers – a popular practice among police but one that can alienate neighborhoods. Instead, it’s building deeper cases against members of the most violent groups, the people posing the greatest threat to their neighbors,” the article states.

► When HD Moore, who leads research at computer security company Rapid7, decided to carry out a personal census of every device on the Internet by pinging it about three times a day from a bank of computers in his home, he found more than 100,000 business and industrial systems with significant vulnerabilities, reports MIT Technology Review. “On Tuesday [May 14], Moore published results on a particularly troubling segment of those vulnerable devices: ones that appear to be used for business and industrial systems. Over 114,000 of those control connections were logged as being on the Internet with known security flaws. Many could be accessed using default passwords and 13,000 offered direct access through a command prompt without a password at all,” states the MIT article.

► Also in the news, CNN reports that the Iranian government hanged two men that it claimed were spies for Israel and the United States. “The advocacy group Human Rights Activists News Agency, based in Iran, estimated in 2012 that there were 488 hangings in the prior 12 months. About 12% of those were public executions, the group said, according to a State Department report,” reports CNN. And Network World has a piece on the high rate of identity theft in Florida.



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