Morning Security Brief: Latest on Boston Marathon Blasts

By Holly Gilbert

► A pair of deadly explosions rocked the Boston Marathon yesterday afternoon at 2:50 p.m., killing three individuals, including an eight year old boy, and wounding over 150 others. According to, the bombs were positioned near the finish line of the race and went off about 12 seconds apart, causing massive chaos and confusion among the huge crowd that had assembled to witness the event. The race attracted 22,000 runners this year, and about 18,000 of those athletes had finished the 26.2 mile race when the explosions occurred. Emergency responders transferred at least 30 people to local hospitals under “Code Red,” a term which indicates life-threatening injuries. Eyewitnesses said the sidewalks were covered in blood, and reports at least 10 amputations have been performed in local emergency rooms. Police immediately ordered evacuation of the area for fear that more devices could ignite, and Mayor Thomas Menino urged people to stay in their homes for the remainder of the day.

► The FBI is taking the lead in the “massive investigation” of the deadly attack at the Boston Marathon, and is actively seeking suspects and a motive behind the blasts. According to CBS News, federal officials say no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, and the Pakistani Taliban officially denied any involvement on Tuesday morning.  While officials don’t yet know exactly what the explosives were made of, reports the bombs were shrapnel-studded, and hospitals say they’ve pulled shrapnel out of victims. According to Yahoo News, agents from the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and other agencies raided a local apartment in the Revere suburb of Boston on Monday night, removing a large duffel bag and other items from the scene. Officials would only confirm the raid was related to the blasts but did not offer any further detail. Early reports of unexploded bombs being found at the scene appear not to have been correct, according to more current reports.

► Major cities around the world are on high alert after Monday’s Boston Marathon attack according to NPR, including in London, where the world’s largest marathon is set to take place on Sunday. The event attracts 37,000 runners, and London officials say they’re reevaluating security, and counter-terrorism officials are “aggressively monitoring potential suspects.” Law enforcement officials are being especially cautious today in Washington, D.C., where the Emancipation Day Parade is taking place as scheduled. reports that Metro security has been heightened in light of the Boston explosions, but an MTA spokesman says there is "no credible threat" against the transit system.


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