Morning Security Brief: Fuel Barges Explode, Garment Factory Collapse, NFL Draft Security

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

►Two barges exploded yesterday at a dock on the Mobile River near Mobile, Alabama. ABC News reports that three people were taken to the hospital with critical burns. The fires are being allowed to burn at the moment and the U.S. Coast Guard has established a one-nautical-mile safety zone around the scene. According to ABC, "The barges are owned by Houston-based Kirby Inland Marine, company spokesman Greg Beuerman said. He said the barges were empty and being cleaned at the Oil Recovery Co. facility when the incident began. He said the barges had been carrying a liquid called natural gasoline—which he said is neither liquefied natural gas or natural gas. He said the company has dispatched a team to work with investigators to determine what caused the fire."
► More than 190 workers were killed and the search and rescue continues for more victims in the rubble of a Bangladeshi garment factory that supplies clothing to retailers all around the world. USA Today reports, "The disaster in the Dhaka suburb of Savar came less than five months after a blaze killed 112 people in a garment factory and underscored the unsafe conditions faced by Bangladesh's garment workers." There are still survivors in the collapse debris who have been calling out for help, according to an Associated Press cameraman who spoke to two of them who are painfully trapped. Cracks in the building were visible to employees who were, nonetheless, told to enter and proceed with their work. Shortly after, the building crumbled. One source told the press that the building owner had added three additional stories to the factory without permission.
►The National Football League (NFL) is enhancing security at this week's draft, which is being held at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. All spectators, players, officials, and family members will be screened with metal detectors, pat-downs, and bag searches, reports the Washington Post, and "spectators who don't consent to the security requirements will be refused admission." There will also be more security personnel and bomb-sniffing dogs on site.


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