Morning Security Brief: Federal Reserve Hack Ramifications, Overhauling Bail Determinations, and More

By Sherry Harowitz

► A security researcher says that "Sensitive details on thousands of banking executives lifted from a hacking involving the Federal Reserve represent a potential 'bonanza' for spear phishers looking to snare high-value targets in personalized scam e-mails," reports ars technica. Information includede addresses and encrypted passwords. The group Anonymous claimed credit for the hack.

► "The Conference of Chief Justices is calling for states to overhaul the way their court systems make bail determinations for pretrial defendants, reports Legal Times. Instead of simply relying on a bond schedule, judges reviewing new arrests should use an evidence-based assessment of whether the defendant will be a danger to the community and is likely to show up at court dates, says a resolution approved by the group at its mid-year meeting," reports The Crime Report.

►"A Washington, D.C. task force has compiled a model bullying prevention policy for agencies that serve youth," according to The Crime Report. This is the first step toward implementing requirements laid out in the Youth Bullying Prevention Act passed by the District of Columbia City Council in June 2012. The act calls for all agencies that work with youth to develop anti-bullying programs. The task force also recommends data collection and analysis to see how effective the policies are once adopted.

► Also in the news, the Danger Room writes about bots that aren't drones (and don't fly) that are being developed with funds from the Department of Homeland Security and might be used to spy on U.S. soil. They include "robots that resemble fish, and deploys tunnel-bots deep into drug-smuggling tunnels along the border," says the article. And as violence continues in Iraq, the New York Times reports, a series of bombings killed at least 26 on Friday.


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