Morning Security Brief: DHS Seizes Domains, Courthouse Bomb Threats, Electronic Lock Vulnerability, and More

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in cooperation with international law enforcement agencies, has seized more than 130 domain names that are linked to the sale of counterfeit goods and have also targeted associated Paypal accounts for seizure. The effort, called “Project Cyber Monday 3” and “Project Transatlantic,” included seizures of “foreign-based domains that ended in .eu, .be, .dk, .fr, .ro, and .uk. The operation was also coordinated with Department of Homeland Security offices in Maryland, New York, Colorado, Texas, New Jersey, and California. The targeted sites were allegedly selling luxury items that the feds bought in undercover purchases. Once the copyright holders confirmed the goods were counterfeit, federal judges issued seizure orders of the domain names,” reports CNET.

Twenty-nine courthouses in Tennessee have been the victims of false bomb threats, including nine threats in West Tennessee counties, six in Middle Tennessee, and 14 in East Tennessee, reports the Seattle Times. After evacuations of the facilities, no explosive devices were found. The threats appear to have been made to the court clerk offices via telephone. Law enforcement agencies are now investigating.

A burglar has used a vulnerability in electronic locks produced by Onity to break into the Hyatt House Galleria in Houston, reports TG Daily. “The Hyatt apparently became aware of the security vulnerability in August, but says it took Onity months to develop a fix.'s asking hotels to pay for the hardware changes themselves, or settle for a little plug for the affected portable programmer plug,” the site notes

AllAfrica reports that the South African Police Service says that security will be firmly in place at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. The teams in the tournament, which will run from January 19 to February 10, have already been screened and will be assigned around-the-clock protection. Police say that security will be strengthened at all airports, seaports, and border points.



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