Morning Security Brief: Cloud Security Lacking, Good and Bad Hackers, and Defense Budget Cut Dangers

By Lilly Chapa

 Few businesses are engaging in security measures to protect their information stored in the cloud, according to a article on the Georgia Tech Emerging Cyber Threats Report for 2014. Most companies solely rely on the security provided by their cloud storage firms, and very few seek heightened data protection because of concerns that usability and access to remote data would be hampered. “Encryption in the cloud often impacts data accessibility and processing speed,” said Wenke Lee, director of the security conference where the report was released, according to He is quoted as noting that there will be increased debate about the tradeoffs between security, functionality, and efficiency. The report also raised concerns about remote hacking, data leakage, and mobile hacking.

The FBI added five new hackers to its cyber most wanted list, putting the number of those sought for hacking and fraud crimes at 10, reports the Guardian. “The cyber fugitives we seek have caused significant losses to individuals and to our economy,” said Richard McFeely of the FBI, according to the Guardian. The list can be found here

ZDNet reports on the launch of white-hat hacker program HackerOne, which calls for hackers to submit Internet bugs for up to $2,500. The program, sponsored by Microsoft and Facebook, will inform affected companies, but if they don’t respond within 30 days, HackerOne will make the bug report public. The program promotes ethical hacking and working to protect both the hackers and companies involved.

And in other news, reports that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned of the dangers of the defense budget reduction in a speech on U.S. defense priorities, calling cutst “too fast, to abrupt, and too irresponsible.” Hagel said a budget crisis will cause an unnecessary, strategically unsound and dangerous degradation in military readiness and capability.” 


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