Happy Holidays and Top Stories From 2011

By Carlton Purvis


Security Management Online will be on holiday hiatus and will not be posting new content until the New Year. Please accept our best wishes for the holidays and the New Year.

During the holidays, we encourage you to browse past issues of the magazine and daily stories from throughout the year including a special focus issue on evacuating the disabled and a special 9-11 ten-year anniversay issue.

See what topics security professionals were watching this year with this list of the most read Security Magazine stories from the print magazine an online in 2011:


1. Bird's Eye View by Joseph Straw, February

2. This Base is Covered by Matthew Harwood, January

3. A Force to Reckon With by Tommy J. Burns, July

4. To Carry or Not to Carry by Laura Spadantua, August

5. How to Improve Your Image by Laura Spadantua, March


1. Italian Guns to be Manufactured with RFID Technology by Carlton Purvis, July

2. National Institute of Justice Finds Tasers Safe by Matthew Harwood, June

3. Experts Call Attention to Possible Solar Katrina by Matthew Harwood, October

4. Pedobear Goes From Internet Meme to Safety Concern by Carlton Purvis, November

5. Virtual Peeping Toms Exploit Unsecured IP Cameras by Matthew Harwood, January

Thank you for continuing to read Security Managment online. You can also follow the magazine on Twitter at @SecMgmtMag.  Happy holidays and see you next year.


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