Editor's Note: New Year New Worlds

By Sherry Harowitz


There’s a magical quality to the start of a new year. Anything is possible. The time machine’s motor is running—set on full speed ahead, of course, return trips not allowed—but it’s not on autopilot. To each of us, it offers the opportunity to grab the wheel, and it whispers: where shall we go? What worlds shall we explore in the next 12 months?

At Security Management, we’ve been preparing a magical journey for you to travel to our digital magazine universe full of sights, sounds, and words that will amaze, engage, and inform you. There’s no additional charge, so you’ve already got a ticket to ride—to venture inside, to watch videos, travel through multi-level charts of dazzling data, and get a glimpse of the future, all while getting hard news that will help you better solve the problems of today.

So what’s this really about, and how do you see it for yourself? Security Management’s 2012 issues will include two fully digital editions in May and November. To give you a glimpse of what those will offer, we’ve put a prototype sample online, starting this month. What you’ll find is a sample of what our monthly “Homeland Security” department will be like in the digital edition as well as a sample feature article. And you’ll see how interactivity can enhance ads as well.

(To read more about our upcoming digital editions, click here.)

photo Chris Yarzab/flickr


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