Editor's Note: Curling Up with the Digital Edition

By Sherry Harowitz (print edition)

Sometimes, with inclement weather, it’s not safe to go outside. If that happens as the calendar turns to November, you might just want to curl up with a good computer and the November digital edition of Security Management. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find information in “Industry News” about safe rooms for when it’s really not safe to go outside. The slideshow gives you graphics of what these rooms look like—they are amazingly well decked out—and how one company takes special care to consider everything from the toilets to the color scheme so that those sequestered within will be comfortable.

In the “Managing” department, you’ll see a video on executive protection training, and in the “International” department, you can watch an interview with the writer/director of a film about pirates, plus see excerpts from the film itself. What’s different here is that he looks at the issue from the perspective of the Somali pirates themselves.

In “Technofile,” you’ll learn how companies are trying to protect their reputations online in this new social-media age.

In “Homeland Security,” you’ll find out how the utility industry is working creatively to improve resilience of the electrical grid. There’s also an audio interview on how to survive a dirty bomb—yes, it is possible—and there are multilevel charts that show trends in terrorism, accompanied by a map of terrorism data.

Also in this issue are the results of our survey on workplace violence. That’s in the “Intelligence” department, along with an audio interview with a consultant who talks about how one client handled a threat to the CEO.

In “Case Study,” you’ll read about how the Regional Transportation District in Denver, Colorado, remodeled its security monitoring center and see a slideshow that shows the key elements of the central station as it came together. There’s also an audio interview where the commander of the monitoring center tells how it has helped the police catch criminals.

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photo by Johan Larsson/flickr


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