E-Verify Program Delayed for the Third Time

By Teresa Anderson

The compliance deadline for controversial government program E-Verify has been pushed back to June 30, 2009. This is the third delay for the program, under which federal contractors and subcontractors would be required to electronically verify their employees' eligibility to legally work in the United States. Businesses have opposed the program as costly and ineffective.

The Chamber of Commerce has filed a lawsuit opposing the program.

CORRECTION: The article originally reported the new deadline as June 20, 2009. The correct deadline is June 30, 2009.


I hate politics (a rant)

While you make valid points on many levels, what you are saying in itself, could be construed as the very propaganda that you rail against.  You use words such as "secretly kidnapped" to describe legislative processes conducted by men (and women)who probably have about a comparable intelligence with yourself who are simply worried that legitimate individuals in this country who ARE citizens, and who have been born in this country might fall into the cracks and fall victim to this process.  You assume insidious forces within our government instead of people who basically want to fulfill the common good in an overwhelming atmosphere, despite getting sidetracked by human errors such as greed, emotion, frustration, etc.

When you look at it, our system has not been entirely accurate at cataloguing every individual who was born in this country, and many have fallen victim to identification processes that are based upon the computer transcribed records of paper files (transcribed by a possibly lazy government worker) that existed sometimes as far back as pre-World War II, complete with catastrophes in records storage centers and other such misfiling accidents.  I was a gulf war era veteran who got out of the Marine Corps just after September 11th, and with the institution of new identification policies, I spent 5 years without a valid ID simply because my great grandfather (a half-breed Lakota Sioux orphan known for stubbornness, which I may or may not have inherited) told the system and everyone in it that the name on my birth certificate was not what my no-account father said it was, and a divergence was created that the system could simply not account for.  This was coupled with the fact that the legal name change I filled out when joining the Marine Corps to serve my country, was conveniently lost by some random paperwork pusher somewhere in the many bureaucratic halls of our country.  It took me five years of my life and the loss of several thousands of dollars to repair that breach (with no avenue to ever get recompensed by the system for my loss), and with systems like E-verify, built by an organization that simply wants to make a profit, I see the potential for far more abuse of our own private citizens in the name of a "a few dollars more" to quote a clint eastwood movie. 

The problem with illegal labor is not just a governmental concern, and the real problem is that people are expecting the government itself to fix it, while at the same time profiteering from it's use.  It is highly hypocritical for a segment of society to expect the problem to be fixed while at the same time proliferating it in the same regard.  You can look to the opportunists at craigslist who want to pay peanuts for real work for an example of this, and the many jobs that you as security personnel lose to individuals who are simply not qualified, but are the lowest bidder.  People have long forgotten that we get what we pay for, and too many people are happy to pay less for an illegal worker, thereby putting a legal worker out of a job.  To fix the situation, you need enforcement against companies who hire illegals, and more broadly, a punishment for corporations who outsource. 

The big picture problem is that these corporations have no fear of such punishments, both because they control politicians through monetary and lobbying interests, and should such a bill ever miraculously pass, they would choose to leave our country, taking their profits with them, with no fear of reprisal from our government.  This is the dirty little secret that nobody wants to talk about, and nobody wants to deal with it because the only answer is to punish such extortionistic companies harshly, with both monetary and punitive punishments that make them fear the wrath of the United States Government(capitalized for emphasis).  To equate a corporation's desertion of our shores for better tax breaks and cheaper labor with the crime of high treason would reinvent the system that we live in and give Americans in general a better chance of dealing with the globalizing forces around us, as well as to prevent dangerous leakages from our national economy that many beancounters in Washington are beating their brains into the wall to figure out as I type this message.  The point is, in all of this, we as people need to drop the bullsh*t charade that we have a free-market capitalist society and start forcing the companies that leech on our system to fall into line behind the organizational goal, which is to continue to make the United States of America the best damn country ever, and to say, simply, f*ck everyone else...darwinism is alive and well in 2009, and we see it's examples all around us.


As a causal rule you must remember this: everybody f*cks up.  It's only a matter of time.


"Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither". -Ben Franklin 

Security personnel belong to a silent upper class.  When the world is tumbling down around you, it is the man who is without fear that you look to when the walls come tumbling down.  After all, a more recent and just as relevant quote would be:

"We guard you while you sleep."  -Tyler Durden

E-Verify! Should be made Mandatory.

Since the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli Immigration and Control act, Americans have observed the relentless pursuit of our lawmakers to stamp out any law that would remove illegal aliens from our nation? This is very blatantly obvious because unlike other countries, entering America is a civil offense and not criminal? We have seen this with a sham border fence, not the original plan of a two-tier barrier envisioned by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)? That this country is drowning in people who have never been processed, because of years of absolute neglect by previous administrations. The scourge will be OVERPOPULATION in the very near future, that will devastate our agriculture, water supplies, energy and oil resources Homeland Security has the key to sever illegal labor in the workplace since the 70's. Immigration and Social Security finally merged on this very efficient tool, to extract non-legal from your office, factory, road construction, school janitor, tree-trimmer, federal, state and municipal worker. As we all know ---E-verify was secretly kidnapped from the Stimulus/Omnibus President Obama spending bill, thus leaving the door open for illegal alien workers in mainly the construction industry.

 E-verify have now a firm foundation of 100.000's of honest businesses, showing extraordinary devotion to the US working man and women. However those contractors and employers who have used a fraudulent advantage by hiring illegal nationals, should be held accountable and be fined and imprisoned. E-Verify will not fade away as our corrupt politicians would like to believe. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) must have questionable reasons for de-funding its use. All those involved in the tabling of this important method, should be made an example of in future incumbent elections?

For more of the truth and not propaganda, read details at VDARE, FAIRUS, JUDICIALWATCH, NUMBERSUSA, AMERICANPATROL, CAPSWEB & ALIPAC.

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