Details on Capture and Treatment of 9-11 Masterminds to Stay Secret

By Carlton Purvis

All information about the arrests of the five men suspected of organizing the 9-11 attacks will remain secret indefinitely, a military judge has ruled.

The ordered, signed last Thursday by Col. James L. Pohl, says all details about the arrests of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his alleged  four co-conspirators as well as their treatment during custody will be kept secret for the military commission trial, which could begin early next year. 

From the Los Angeles Times:

He also ruled the “names, identities and physical descriptions of any persons involved with the capture, transfer, detention or interrogation” of the accused will be kept secret, as will any “information that would reveal or tend to reveal the foreign countries” where the suspects were initially held.

The Times says defense lawyers, the ACLU, and journalists have been trying to get the judge to order release of the information. A lawyer from the ACLU says she will likely appeal the order.

photo from 9/11 photos/flickr


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