CSOs Share Career Advice

Sherry Harowitz


Members of the ASIS CSO Roundtable shared their career insights with Security Management. Among the issues discussed were how to work within a company successfully and how to become a chief security officer (CSO).

Mike Osborne, CPP, CFE, vice president of Kinross Gold Corporation, Toronto, Canada, noted that "One of the most important things is being able to understand the business and being able to use business terms when talking with business executives."

Deborah Allen, director product stewardship and security, Potash Corporation, Northbrook, Illinois, discussed the importance of teamwork. "I bring in the stakeholders" of whatever security measure is on the table. "I get their buy-in while it’s being developed so that when we implement it, I know they are going to welcome it."

To watch a short video with highlights not covered here from the full roundtable, go to the May digital edition, and click through to the "Intelligence Department." You'll get tips on networking and on finding and keeping a mentor.

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