Coming Soon: A New Security Force for Mexico

By Laura Spadanuta

A new 10,000-member security force will be deployed to Mexican regions where violence and instability is greatest, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto made the announcement earlier this week at a meeting of the National Public Security Council. The Times reports that Nieto said the force would have 10,000 people to start but he did not set a timeline for when it would be created. He stated that the Mexican federal police will add 15 units dealing solely with kidnapping and extortion.

The BBC reports that 60,000 people have died in Mexico since 2006 when the military was deployed to fight drug gangs.

According to the article:

Peña Nieto has already essentially demoted the federal police in a government restructuring. According to an advisor who helped prepare the new security plan, the new security force, which will be referred to as a gendarmerie, will draw in part on former federal officers who lose their jobs in the shake-up.

The article also reports that Peña Nieto pledged to start a human rights program as well.

photo by tuxmemento/flickr


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