Bot Attacks Swarm Universities

By Matthew Harwood

Malicious botnets are attacking European college and university networks, according to

The attacks stem from specific botnets named Storm Worm.

The program compromises systems by luring their users into opening the attachments of messages with subject lines regarding news events, including violent storms in Europe - a characteristic that led to the program's naming.

The effects of Storm Worm botnets' denial-of-service attacks can range from slow network performance to the inability to access a particular website and from the inability to access any Web site to a deluge of spam emails received.

Universities and colleges infected by Storm Worm botnets are encouraged by The Research and Education Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC) to respond quickly before students return for the fall semester. REN-ISAC also provides Storm Worm prevention and mitigation strategies.


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