Book Review - Hacking Exposed: Wireless Security Secrets & Solutions

By Johnny Cache, Joshua Wright, and Vincent Liu; Reviewed by Colonel Kuljeet Singh, CPP

***** Hacking Exposed: Wireless Security Secrets & Solutions, 2nd Edition. By Johnny Cache, Joshua Wright, and Vincent Liu. McGraw-Hill Osborne Media,; 512 pages; $49.99.

This work is highly absorbing. It’s also a topical and timely work, appearing at a time in which “hacking” scandals have become a worldwide phenomenon, fully ablaze and out-of-control.

The material provides insight into the exceedingly dangerous and overly prevalent practice of hijacking wireless electronic devices and gadgetry. A collective effort by three top-level analysts, this work highlights the current technological advancements in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other areas. It describes essential security strategies, including performing penetration tests, reducing packet injection risk, and locking down Bluetooth and radio frequency devices. It provides comprehensive defensive methods to protect your wireless devices and infrastructure.

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