In Aftermath of Deadly Shootings, Newark Invests in Surveillance

Matthew Harwood

According to Mark Dilonno of Newark's The Star-Ledger, Mayor Corey Booker will announce today that this New Jersey city will invest in an advanced surveillance system to monitor its most troubled neighborhoods after last week's execution style shootings of four young adults, three of which died.

The new program, Community Eye:

...will put about 100 security cameras and audio gunshot-detection machines overlooking city streets. The Newark Community Foundation, with funding from businesses and private donors, has promised to raise $3.2 million for the program.... The gunshot detectors, sensitive enough to differentiate between gunshots and other explosions like engine backfires, alert police immediately, cutting down on response time.... The technology works together. When a gunshot is detected, the surveillance camera will immediately zoom in on that spot. The cameras cover overlapping areas, so police can electronically follow suspects as they leave the scene.

Booker told the paper that when the program is complete, eight-square miles of Newark's worst neighborhoods will be monitored by the system. Eighty percent of the city's recent shootings have occurred within that eight-square mile radius.

The New York Times described the proposed surveillance system as the most advanced system anywhere in the nation.




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