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Tuesday, September 4 - 12:37pm

Finding a way to differentiate among the myriad offerings in the exhibit hall can be daunting. ASIS Accolades provides a great way to zero in on the newest security offerings.

Accolades, a highly respected awards competition, recognizes new ventures that are destined to become security mainstays. Exhibitors were invited to submit products and services introduced within the past year to a team of judges who evaluated the submissions. The 26 judges represented end users as well as experts in physical and information security.

To enter, companies were asked to describe a security challenge and then discuss how their new product addressed that void. Many entries were accompanied by data sheets or case studies to help the judges in their deliberations.

At today’s Networking Luncheon, ASIS President Eduard Emde, CPP, will announce the winners of this year’s Accolades competition. The following summaries describe the Accolades submissions arranged by category.


HID Global (Booth #1509) is showcasing the pivCLASS family of products. U.S. federal government employees and contractors now use personal identification verification (PIV) credentials and other smart cards for access control. The pivCLASS products provide the processing power required for PIV credentials without replacing controllers, software, or wiring.

MorphoTrak (Booth #2517) is displaying the MorphoAccess VP terminals, which incorporate both finger vein and fingerprint technologies in a single access control device and sensor. Two multimodal models are available. The multimodal approach has been successful in reducing false rejection rates.

Nedap (Booth #101) has introduced the AVI uPASS access control system, which provides hands-free access to high security areas without the need to present a credential at an extremely close range.


Axis Communications (Booth #2622) is showcasing two new products. Camera Companion, a self-contained, in-camera recording solution eliminates the need for a DVR, giving analog users with one to 16 channels an IP option. The P3384 Network Camera, is a fixed dome camera that incorporates the company’s Lightfinder technology, which provides color video in poor lighting conditions.

Gamma Two Robotics (Booth #1463) has introduced the Vigilus Mobile Camera System, a robotic security system designed to augment existing video surveillance. The unit can perform independent patrols while relaying video wirelessly to a security command center.

IndigoVision (Booth #2123) is displaying the 11000 Fixed Dome camera, which includes a sensor with wide dynamic range performance. The technology can capture different areas within a scene that contain dark shadows and bright light.

Nedap (Booth #101) has introduced the ANPR Access, which uses video analytics to read license plate numbers at long ranges. The unit’s camera acts as a reader, which can send full license plate strings over an IP or serial connection.

Pelco, Inc., by Schneider Electric (Booth #2009) is demonstrating the Sarix TI, an integrated security camera that can apply thermal imaging to any application that presents challenging lighting conditions, even total darkness.

Samsung Techwin (Booth #1125) is showcasing the iPSelector/Bandwidth Calculator, an Android App that contains a full database of frame rate, resolution, and compression options for every IP camera in the Samsung network.

Sentry 360 Security (Booth #2246) has introduced the FullSight 180-degree camera, which works with all ONVIF conformant video management systems without the need for third-party installation. The panoramic camera has only one sensor and one image and does not require putting multiple sensors together.


3M Cogent (Booth #519) is demonstrating the MiY-Mobile reader that can adapt to different scenarios and adjust to new technologies as they are introduced. The mobile unit identifies and reads different types of credentials without software changes.

HID Global (Booth #1509) is introducing two new products. The FARGO HDP8500 is a distributed card issuance system that combines high-definition printing with durable print materials. The system eliminates the need for card lamination, thereby extending the life of the card and limiting counterfeiting.The iCLASS Seos credential, is based on an open technology adopted by the RFID industry covering contact and contactless smart cards, mobile access devices, and cashless vending. No traceable credential identifier is exchanged in the transaction, preventing data associated with a card from being divulged or cloned.

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies (Booth #1324) is displaying the aptiQ line of multi-tech readers. The unit eases the migration path from less secure technologies to near field communication (NFC). Based on open architecture technology, the reader installs using a harness, allowing for many options and quick changes for future replacement.

RF Ideas (Booth #3225) is demonstrating the pcProx, a plug-and-play reader that offers NFC capabilities. The unit supports nearly all contactless smart-card technologies in use by companies worldwide. The reader allows users to verify identities using both NFC and card credentials interchangeably.


Amika Mobile Corporation (Booth #531) has introduced the Emergency Alerting Edition, a WiFi-integrated emergency mass notification system that can discover networked user devices and target alerts to their locations.

Laipac Technology (Booth #756) is showcasing the S911 Lola, which detects workers who are unable to press an SOS button in an emergency. The system uses an intelligent algorithm to detect the real-time position of a worker in distress.


iViewSystems (Booth 1901) is showcasing the iDentify Face Search module, which searches an iTrak subject information system to quickly find and match persons of interest. Facial images are analyzed, cropped, and sent to the server to match against a list of enrolled subjects.

SRI International Sarnoff (Booth #120)
has introduced the IOM RapID-Cam II, a portable identification system that uses SRI’s Iris on the Move (IOM) technology. The mobile unit can be used indoors or outdoors with one hand and can capture dual-iris and facial images up to 18 inches away.


Honeywell International (Booth #1101) has introduced Tuxedo Touch, a color graphic touch screen that functions as an integrated security system, building controller, and camera viewer.

March Networks (Booth #3539) is previewing Searchlight, a software portfolio for detecting and investigating ATM or teller fraud. The software facilitates concurrent searches by more than 50 video and data-based rule combinations, including transactions, faces, license plate numbers, and bank card numbers.


CAST Lighting (Booth #4239) is showcasing its LED Perimeter Lighting System, which can be mounted on a fence for highly targeted illumination. Each fixture illuminates 20 to 30 feet of fence with just seven watts of power.

Totus Solutions (Booth #3649) introduces Totus Security Platforms, an intelligent lighting system designed for bus stops and transit stations. The high-performance lighting retains colors at night and provides emergency call points.


ASSA ABLOY Americas (Booth #1708) is introducing six new locking products. The ASSA ABLOY K100 allows different locking products to use the same wireless communication platform, allowing them to integrate with existing access control and credential authentication systems. The Corbin Russwin Access 800IP1, an intelligent Power over Ethernet PoE lock, uses a single Ethernet cable for both power and data. The Sargent SE LP 10 lock integrates all access control components into one lock to streamline installation. The Securitron M680 Series low profile magnalock features a reduced footprint, a curved exterior, and a patented installation template to align the strike plate and the magnet. Another Securitron product, the ICPT, is a wireless, contactless power transfer that uses inductive coupling to send energy wirelessly across the door gap to power electrified locks and latches.

Rutherford Controls (Booth #3559) is displaying the F2164 electric strike that can be used with both mortise and cylindrical locks. A saw tooth adjustment locator design allows for accurate positioning.


Interlogix, UTC Climate, Controls & Security (Booth #3401) is displaying the MCR Media Converter Series, which provides a platform approach to the ability to mix various media into one integrated chassis. Each MCR module can be used as a standalone unit, but can also be inserted into the MCR chassis as the system grows.


Alert Enterprise (Booth #3859) is displaying Alert-n-Prevent, which offers insider threat management and continuous monitoring of people, assets, and critical systems. The product can pick up on behavior patterns and determine whether physical intrusion is taking place.

D3 Security Management Systems (Booth #2024) has introduced Geospatial Intelligence Analytics (GIA), which compiles and plots data from internal security devices, enterprise systems, and external data onto a live, interactive map. Users can apply filters to focus only on those threats that fall within a certain radius.

G4S (Booth #2213) introduces RISK360, which provides situational awareness of both security risks and other incidents or liabilities that affect the entire organization. Using cloud-based architecture, the software can be configured to individual customer environments without any third-party components.

Proximex (Booth #3553) is displaying Surveillint, which can be used for surveillance, event monitoring, incident handling, and risk management. The product’s Web console lets operators view maps, alert details, workflows, and video from various systems.


Guardian 8 (Booth #2030) has introduced the G8 ProV2, a lightweight duty belt addition for security officers. Overlapping zones with increasing levels of nonlethal responses—including a laser spotter, siren, strobe light, and spray cartridges—give officers the option of providing a layered defense.


Aimetis (Booth #3663) is showcasing the E3200, a network video appliance that provides HD camera support, flexible mounting options, and video analytics. The product includes integrated input/output and 4G wireless capabilities and is powered over the Ethernet.

Honeywell International (Booth #1101) is displaying MAXPRO Cloud, which provides cloud-based video services with numerous viewing options, simple IT configuration, flexible storage, and automatic notifications. The product can be adapted to future solutions and allows operators to securely access video through company firewalls.

QNAP, Inc., (Booth #4007) is demonstrating the VioStor-8148 Pro+ network video recorder. The all-in-one Linux-based recorder dedicates all resources and storage for surveillance applications.


Firetide (Booth #627) has introduced the FMC 2000 Mobility Controller, a video surveillance system for public transportation. In conjunction with Firetide’s wireless network, the unit delivers live video from cameras inside a train, subway, or bus moving at speeds up to 90 mph.

On-Net Surveillance Systems (Booth #3239) has introduced the Ocularis-X, which uses high-definition streaming technology to view cameras through a low speed connection. The unit delivers up to nine simultaneous megapixel video streams to Web and mobile devices.

Pelco, Inc., by Schneider Electric (Booth #2009) is displaying its Digital Sentry (DS) family of video products. The software provides the convenience of a network video recorder and analog camera support via attached or networked video encoders and hundreds of IP cameras.

QNAP, Inc., (Booth #4007) is showcasing the TS-EC1679U-RP, which provides cloud-based back-up and storage for video surveillance systems. In addition, it can support multiple IP cameras and server features. Data can be backed up in real time or on a schedule through the company’s network-attached storage (NAS) device.

Sony Electronics (Booth #2000) is displaying the IPELA Hybrid that can transmit both IP and analog signals on a single coaxial cable. The system allows users to easily migrate to an HD IP video surveillance system using their existing analog infrastructure.

SpotterRF (Booth #1244) is displaying the C40 Compact Surveillance radar system that uses technology previously available only to the U.S. military. The radar cues cameras on up to 20 moving objects anywhere within a 20-acre site.



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