Members Elect Peers

Tuesday, September 4 - 1:53pm

Three long-time members of ASIS International have been elected by their peers to serve on the ASIS Board of Directors through 2015. Richard Chase, CPP, PCI, PSP, chief security officer with General Atomics in San Diego, California; Thomas Langer, vice president security, BAE Systems, Inc., Arlington, Virginia; and Joseph McDonald, CPP, PSP, chief security officer, Switch Communications Group, Las Vegas, Nevada, will be installed on the board at Tuesday’s Networking Luncheon.

Richard Chase, CPP, PCI, PSP, joined ASIS in 2003 and currently serves as a Council Vice President. He is a member of the Law Enforcement Liaison Council (LELC) and served as its chair in 2007. He is a member of the San Diego Chapter.

As a board member, Chase plans to focus on the retention of members and membership growth because the best way to promote the Society’s intellectual expertise internationally is through its volunteers. He hopes to further advance opportunities for networking and relationship building, which he considers to be an extremely valuable member service especially in current world economic conditions. He will advocate training that is progressive and blends best practices through virtual, physical, and mobile learning environments.

In writing about his role as a board member, Chase believes he will be a representative of all members. He believes the board must continue to ensure that ASIS’s strategic plan “stimulates ingenuity, fosters self-investment, promotes a common vision, and anticipates emerging threats and opportunities.”

Thomas Langer has been an active member of ASIS since 2000. He currently is vice chair of the Defense and Intelligence Council and served as its chair in 2001. He is a member of the National Capital Chapter.

Based on his council experience, Langer is confident that he will bring a “deep understanding of the [security] profession, the community, and the business environment” to the board. He hopes to be a driving force for developing standard requirements that meet the expectations of both those who deliver and consume security services. He will also be an advocate for security professionalism, and writes that ASIS must “watch carefully to ensure that the community remains relevant in a time of tighter budgets and difficult discretionary spending.”

Another issue that Langer hopes to pursue as a board member is critical infrastructure integration. While he acknowledges that the approaches to safeguarding differ in the energy and maritime sectors, he sees the “need for a community-wide approach to identifying and applying sorely needed but scarce resources to large scale projects.”

Joseph McDonald, CPP, PSP, has been an ASIS member for 20 years and has been reelected to the ASIS Board of Directors for a second term. He has been a Council Vice President and an active member of the Gaming and Wagering Protection Council, serving as that council’s chair, vice chair, and secretary. McDonald is a member of the Las Vegas Chapter.

As a returning board member, McDonald will pick up the initiatives he began in his first term. His interests focus on increasing membership numbers, specifically aligning persons in junior management position and students. He will also continue to be an advocate for developing standards and additional certification opportunities.

As a third goal, McDonald writes that he will pursue recognition for volunteer leaders of the Society. Specifically, he wants to laud those members who have worked to make ASIS successful “through volunteer leadership, past and present.”

McDonald understands that board members must be able to “herald the benefits, vision, and business of the association to the public, our members, and the profession with an ear to the needs to all three.”



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