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Basler AG of Ahrensburg, Germany, has introduced IP box cameras with edge storage functionality. The integrated micro SDHC card slot provides for local data storage of up to 32 gigabytes, enabling live streams or single images to be stored on an SD card. If a network fails, the camera acts as a backup solution by recording video to the SD card; when the connection is restored, the video management system can retrieve the data and merge it with pre-event footage. The cameras are also ideal for remote surveillance locations that do not have network connections.


Moxa of Brea, California, has introduced SoftNVR-IA 64-channel IP surveillance software. The new software allows direct communication with factory floor auto­mation systems such as SCADA or HMI via a built-in OPC server. It also enhances system intelligence by receiving and sending event tags to activate video recording and alarms. The software can trigger video recording or alarm notifications in response to SCADA events and simultaneously provide automation administrators with status reports. It supports pre-event video re­­cord­ing for up to 30 seconds.


The new ekt (electronic key tether) from Seattle-based Tether Technol­o­gies helps companies prevent the costly loss of keys, especially master keys. Unlike other key control products that report key losses after the fact, this tether ensures that the user and the key stay together. If the key separates from the user by more than 10 to 15 steps, both the belt unit and the key unit respond with unique alarms. The belt unit vibrates and chirps, while the key unit sounds an 85-decibel alarm and emits a bright warning strobe.


The new PEARLabel 270 and 360 label printers from K-Sun of Somerset, Wisconsin, prepare high-resolution labels for multiple uses. The printers use durable thermal transfer printing technology on the company’s LABELShop heat shrink tube, wire wrap, cable flag, adhesive tape, iron-on fabric, magnetic, reflective, photoluminescent, and other specialty media. MaxiLabel Pro 4.0 labeling software offers 15 bar code formats and has a library of predesigned templates. The PL 360 prints in 360 dots per inch, while the PL270 prints 270 dpi, and both come with a lifetime warranty.


A new line of pan­o­ramic illuminators has been launched by Raytec of Ashington, Northumberland, United Kingdom. The new illuminators offer a better spread of light with longer illumination distances. Ideal for pan-tilt-zoom or dome cameras that cover large areas, they are also suited for high-definition cameras fitted with wide-angle lenses. Available in infrared and white light, all Panoramic LED illuminators use holographic lens technology to spread and control the light for softer, more even distribution. Hot-Spot Reduction Technology directs light where it is most needed and provides full scene coverage without overexposed sections.

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