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SightLogix, Inc., of Princeton, New Jersey, announced that its SightTracker pan-tilt-zoom camera controller is now integrated with the ULISSE line of positioning devices from Video­tec of Plattsburgh, New York. The controller automatically steers cameras to follow detected targets. Targets are visually displayed on the user’s video management system while the target’s location is presented on a SightMonitor map or a PSIM system. Us­ing a camera with infrared illuminators, users can track a target without visible lighting.


G4S Tech­nol­ogy of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, has added to its Jav­­e­­lin range of card readers. The new smart-card readers are available with and without keypads and have a glossy black smartphone design. Jav­e­lin S874 smart-card readers support high-security contactless cards, including DESFire EV1 and MIFARE Plus, as well as the latest U.S. government PIV and TWIC cards. The door unlock period is adjusta­ble for each reader and can be specified for each user. A multicolor LED light bar and multitone audio provide feedback when a card is presented. In addition, new S870 proximity card readers are compatible with all HID 125KHz proximity cards. Javelin readers are availa­ble in North America from AMAG Technologies of Torrance, California.


GAI-Tronics Corporation of Mohnton, Pennsylvania, has introduced new camera-ready emergency telephones to complement its line of RED ALERT Emergency Telephones. Designed to provide clear, reliable telephone communications in almost any environment, all models are Type-3R weatherproof and ADA-compliant. They are self-monitoring when used with the company’s Telephone Management Application (TMA) software. Operation is completely line-powered and requires no external power source. The ana­log CCD camera requires a standard 75-ohm video connection and 12 VDC power. Its operation is independent of the telephone and it can be used for local area surveillance or telephone user identification.


Honeywell of Melville, New York, has introduced commercial-grade fire control panels with additional functionality and the ability to easily integrate with access control and leading third-party systems. The VISTA Turbo Fire models support up to six graphic touchscreen keypads and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, which provides event notification to onsite security staff in addition to the central station. An on-board serial port and increased serial communication speed improves integration and eliminates the need for a separate module to communicate with access control and building automation systems.


The new Destroyit Degausser/HDP from MBM Corporation of North Charleston, South Carolina, eliminates all data from a hard drive by magnetically degaussing it and then physically destroying it. The high-powered degaussing unit completely erases hard drives (desktop, laptop, and network up to 11⁄2 inches high) and high-co­ercivity tape media. It is rated for continuous operation and is CE certified. The degaussing cycle takes 60 seconds and the drive can then be dropped into the punch unit where a hardened steel die pierces the drive. A slider mech­­anism drops the degaussed and punched drive into the enclosed bin to await proper disposal.

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