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AMG Panogenics of Dorking, United Kingdom, has introduced a solution to address remote CCTV applications where there is no cabling infrastructure. The TotemCam­360 is an integrated remote camera and recording system. Its 360-degree capability allows viewing of the full scene from a single camera. The unit has an onboard one-terabyte re­corder and a connection for a removable USB 2.0 hard disk. Advanced aerial technology allows the unit to re­cord almost indefinitely and stream video 24/7 to a video center via several transmission options. It provides multiple electronic pan-tilt-zoom and pano­ramic video streams that can be recorded or viewed live.


Vicon Industries, Inc., of Hauppauge, New York, has introduced the VN-DECODER-2, which provides added flexibility for Vicon’s Virtual Matrix Display system. It supports remote or add-on viewing stations that require only live video display. Each decoder supports up to two monitors, each of which can display up to 64 video streams. When used at an edge location, the video can be controlled and driven by a programmable logic controller and IP keypad without a traditional keyboard, mouse, or monitor. The decoder supports 1080p high-definition video, 16 x 9 viewing, and H.264 compression. An external power supply keeps the unit cool and quiet.


The FirstVu HD from Digital Ally of Lenexa, Kansas, includes a small camera and separate thin recording module which may be securely mounted together or separately for versatile body, vehicle, and other mounting options. The full system weighs just four ounces and features a user-replaceable battery. It takes in a wide horizontal field of view with 720 pixel HD resolution and records a minimum of 16 hours at the highest-quality setting. It also offers enhanced low-light sensitivity for night recording, up to 30 seconds of pre-event recording, and instant recording from standby mode. A date and time stamp marks important events.

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