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The Thermo Scientific IRIS 4800 mid-IR laser-based carbon monoxide analyzer is designed for better accuracy and precision. Made by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. of Franklin, Massachusetts, the device offers real-time, parts-per-billion-level detection of carbon mo­n­oxide. Housed in a single-box solution, it features an integrated manifold and pump to enable continuous operation with minimal maintenance. All IRIS analyzers are equipped with Web-based remote access.


Genetec of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has introduced the Synergis Master Controller, an intelligent IP controller based on open architecture and designed to address customer demand for nonproprie­tary access control solutions. The control­ler will support access control hardware from leading vendors including HID Global and Mercury Security. The Synergis access control system provides real-time monitoring of access events and alarms, as well as cardholder management and reporting. It enables users to centrally manage and configure cardholders and credentials across multiple distributed sites. It also allows customers to leverage a corporate or security network to transition to a fully IP-based system.


Videx, Inc., of Corvallis, Oregon, has updated its CyberKey Vault 20 to include a new look with weatherized input modules and an embedded Flex System Hub for improved performance. TheCyberKey Vault 20 FX is an intelligent key cabinet designed to manage, program, and dispense Cyber­Key smart keys. The keys are stored in unprogrammed mode and locked in the cabinet until an RFID card or PIN code is presented. The cabinet programs a Cyber­Key with the individual’s permissions, detailing which locks it can open and when. When the key is returned to the cabinet, records of the key’s activities are downloaded and permissions are removed.


ComNet of Danbury, Connecticut, has introduced the CNMCSFP variable-rate electrical-to-optical media converter that allows the user to select between 10/100 and 1000 megabits per second transmission rates, ensuring enough bandwidth for future upgrades to gigabit bandwidth requirements or where multiple devices have different bandwidth requirements. The single-channel universal converter allows the user to change transmission rate with a switch. It gives the user flexibility in terms of fiber type, connector type, and distance. The unit is made in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Platinum-HD network video re­cord­ing security systems from Swann of Santa Fe Springs, California, offer high-definition 1080p re­cording with real-time viewing and video playback. The NVR4-7200 has four channels, and the NVR8-7200 has eight channels. Both systems include four NHD-820 surveillance cameras with high-definition video and powerful night vision for indoor or outdoor use. Video can be viewed on HDTV, LCD, and plasma screens via an included HDMI cable. The intuitive user interface allows viewers to monitor and record multiple cameras on a split screen or select any camera for full-screen viewing. Remote viewing over a mobile device is also available.

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