Products for March 2013


The KeyBank Touch from Morse Watchmans of Oxford, Connecticut, offers security and tracking for large numbers of keys. Designed with a comprehensive menu of features and a large touchscreen, the system allows for keys to be returned to any cabinet in the system, and it helps users find a specific key. It can be custom designed with optional fingerprint readers and scaled as needs change. Control and programming are managed from a single PC interface, and every transaction is automatically re­corded. E-mail alerts notify management of alarms and other transactions. A special version for managing car keys can help increase operational efficiency for car lots and motor pools.


Fluidmesh of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, has released a new framework for the Fluid­mesh MITO Series radios to offer broadband connectivity in high-speed mobile environments. Fluidity can be used to provide broadband connectivity to moving vehicles such as buses, subways, and cars. The wireless system delivers up to 100 Mbps of usable throughput up to 200 miles per hour and supports video, voice, and data. It allows users to dispense with cellular and satellite data plans and operate on their own network without recurring costs and spotty coverage.


The MobileCamViewer mobile surveillance application is now available for tablet users, in addition to those who monitor their premises via cell phone. Applications for Kindle Fire, Nook, and iPad3 devices have recently been added by mobiDEOS of Milpitas, California, and are available from the devices’ respective app stores. The app is free, with incremental costs for premium services. The company estimates that as many as half of its customers now use the application on a tablet.


The new Model 0202 OMD Optical Media Destroyer from Security Engineered Machinery of Westboro, Massachusetts, can destroy 2,300 CDs or DVDs per hour. Exceeding the requirements of the U.S. National Security Agency, it reduces discs to 2.0 mm x 3.9mm particles. It also offers dual-voltage capability with two power cords for operation on either U.S. or European power. Controlled by a touchscreen that provides operational status information, it features automatic start and stop, and it shuts down if the waste bin is full or the door is ajar. All parts are covered by a one-year warranty.


New from Toshiba of Irvine, California, the IK-WB80A IP video surveillance camera is built to withstand extreme heat and cold, snow, sleet, and rain—without requiring an additional housing. The IP-66 rated camera features a two-megapixel CMOS imaging sensor and a variable focus lens with 3X optical and 4X digital zoom. The resulting 1600x1200 resolution provides a large image to cover a large area. Infrared illuminators are effective up to 75 feet in complete darkness, and the camera also has a day/night infrared cut filter. It also features dual MPEG-4/M-JPEG video streaming, built-in slot for memory cards, tamper and motion detection, two-way audio, and privacy masking.

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