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Badgetec Corporation of Suffern, New York, has introduced a low-cost plastic clip for visitor badges that can be especially useful in healthcare settings. The Contour Clip attaches through the badge’s slot and attaches directly to clothing without damaging it. Like a paper clip, it is flat and opens at one end to slide over a garment edge. Visitor badges made of card stock with slots for the clips can be issued manually or computer printed. Clips can be sanitized and reused, and badges and clips are recyclable.


JETprotect Corporation of Santa Clara, California, has released the Chase 8, an outdoor stacking, precision pan-tilt camera positioner. It can aim two 12-kilogram cameras and high-intensity lights at a speed of 60 degrees per second. Because it is designed for stacking, it accommodates other devices on top. The device has 12 newton-meters of torque at each axle, and more than four kilowatts of power over Ethernet for long-range sensors and actuators. A four-port Ethernet Layer 2 switch manages the payload sensor network.


VingCard Elsafe of Richardson, Texas, has introduced Es­sence by VingCard, an “invisible” hotel lock. All the lock’s electronics, including the reader, are hidden within the door, eliminating bulky hardware from both the interior and exterior of the door. The unit offers advanced contactless locking solutions including RFID and near-field communication (NFC) compatible technologies. Adaptable to any hotel design, it complies with security standards and can be used for outdoor applications.


The XCAT hand-held detection system from RedXDefense of Rockville, Maryland, offers a one-step, one-platform detection system for narcotics, explosives, and gunshot resi­due. It uses detection cards with specially formulated inks and software to identify characteristics unique to each individual or group of chemically-related substances, returning a red or green light signal to the user. The device complements the company’s XPAK trace explosives detection system, which has performed well in field environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan.


London-based Y-cam Solutions Ltd. offers a feature-rich security camera with 1080-pixel high-definition image quality, exclusive CableConnect installation, intuitive user interface, and ONVIF compatibility. The Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 offers high-definition video with full resolution at 30 frames per second. ON­VIF compatibility means that it works with third-party surveillance systems. The camera uses Wireless N to increase the wireless network range and operating speed, and the camera’s built-in H.264 compression reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. Other features include motion detection recording and alarms, two-way audio, on-camera microSD slot, NVR compatibility, and FTP capabilities. The IP66-rated graphite casing is about 4 inches long.

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