Radiation Detectors

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ICx Technologies of Arlington, Virginia, has released the radHUNTER, a sensitive and accurate hand-held gamma radionuclide identification device. Developed with support from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the device offers automatic calibration and continuous LED stabilization for accurate operation in adverse conditions. It is ergonomically constructed for easy operation with hazmat gloves, and it features simple, two-button operation for menu navigation. It can label isotopes as naturally occurring, industrial, medical, or special nuclear material; corresponding alarms indicate the severity of the threat. The company’s Raider is a CZT semiconductor-base radionuclide identifier that uses solid-state CdZnTe detectors and is compact enough for one-hand operation. A built-in GPS unit identifies the un­it’s location and sends information via Bluetooth and/or WiFi communication channels.

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