Disk Destroyer

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The Model 0201OMD Optical Media Destroyer from Security Engineered Machinery of Westboro, Massachusetts, shreds CDs, DVDs, credit cards, ID badges, access cards, and similar items, reducing them to tiny particles that satisfy requirements of NSA/CSS 04-02. The Optical Media Destroyer destroys up to 2,500 disks per hour. Ergo­nomic photoelectric controls provide for hands-free start and stop. The cutters are activated by the introduction of materials and are automatically shut off when material is destroyed. If the door of the machine is open or the bag inside is full, the cutting head will not operate and an indicator light will signal the problem. The large 30-gallon waste collection bin is constructed of anti-static material to prevent particles from clinging to it when emptying. The Model 0201 offers an energy-saving feature that powers down the unit after prolonged inactivity. Electronic capacity control provides a visual indication of infeed capacity being used to help prevent jams. A built-in automatic oiling system provides continuous oil flow to the cutting heads, for improved performance and blade life. 

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