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The Illustra 610 Compact IP Mini-Bullet camera provides exceptional video quality within a small framework, for indoor or outdoor applications where the camera needs to blend into the environment. New from American Dynamics of Westford, Massachusetts, part of the security products business of Tyco, it offers 1080p resolution; var­ious viewing angles, including a horizontal view and a corridor mode to capture video in narrow hallways; and a built-in infrared LED for usable video surveillance in a variety of lighting conditions. Wide dynamic range mitigates the problems of glare and high-contrast scenes. The ONVIF-compliant camera is easy to configure using free Illustra Connect software.


Embsec of Stockholm, Sweden, has released a long-range laser perimeter sensor for hazardous areas. Based on the award-winning laser sensor vFence F-501, vFence ATEX has a working range of 300 meters, up to 20 alarm zones, power over Ethernet, and network alarms. It uses a pulsed infrared laser sensor to accurately detect and position objects. Depending on detection position, the laser sends a zone-specific network alarm to a VMS server or directly to cameras. The alarm is used to automatically start recording, direct cameras to the location of intrusion, and alert guards with detailed alarm information.


Alarm Lock of Amityville, New York, has introduced affordable electronic locksets that communicate wirelessly over any size network. Trilogy Networx Locksets eliminate door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval, sav­ing time and money. Existing Trilogy locks can be networked using the conversion kit, which turns standalone locks into wireless units. Trilogy locks can be equipped with Classroom Lock-Down, allowing users to activate emergency global lockdown and unlocking from either the Networx PC or any Networx lock. One-button activation means there is no need to open a door, and no keys are required. The lock-down feature is designed to provide safety for schools and other facilities in an emergency.


The IQeye R5 Series bullet cameras from IQinVision of San Juan Capistrano, California, are full-featured indoor and outdoor cameras that support up to 3-meg­a­pixel resolution. Featuring on-camera storage and built-in infrared, the cameras are housed in IP66 outdoor enclosures. They provide 720p or 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, and 3 megapixels at 20 frames per second. The cameras also support multiple, individually configured H.264 and simultaneous M-JPEG streams.


Surface Armor of Rockwall, Texas, has introduced Blast Armor, a shatter-resistant window film that is designed to protect building occupants and property. The permanent, easy-to-install barrier keeps glass from shattering into dangerous fragments and scattering. The film also prevents malicious intruders from entering through broken windows. In addition, it can also provide aesthetic and energy-saving features. It blocks most ultraviolet rays, preventing the sun from damaging upholstery, and it reduces heat transfer by up to 7 percent.

Fire Curtains

Smoke and fire curtains from Colt of Havant, United Kingdom, are now available in North America from The Bilco Company of New Haven, Connecticut. The curtains create a physical barrier that prevents the movement of smoke and heat in the event of a fire. They contain and channel the smoke and heat to a predetermined area, allowing occupants to escape a building through smoke-free areas and aiding fire-containment efforts. Property damage is minimized because smoke is restricted to the immediate area of the fire and unable to spread. Colt ventilation systems can remove smoke from the building by powered or natural means. Smoke curtains are available in fixed and automatic designs. Fixed curtains feature a fabric that is held and clamped by angle pieces. Automatic smoke curtains are equipped with an electric motor that unrolls the fabric automatically upon a signal from a fire detection system.

Modular Cameras

Axis Communications of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, has introduced a modular camera series that gives customers discreet surveillance solutions with 1080-pixel video and wide dynamic range performance. The AXIS F Network Series also allows great flexibility in choosing the lens form factor and viewing angle that are best for an installation. The series is based on a divided network camera concept, where the camera is split into the lens and image sensor unit, and the main unit. This allows a small sensor unit to be installed discreetly in tight places, while the bigger main unit is located elsewhere and away from public view. The AXIS F41 Main Unit houses the processor, network, power, SD card slot, and other connections, and can connect to one AXIS F sensor unit. Each sensor unit comes with a choice of cables for connecting to the main unit.

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