June 2014

License to Steal

By Megan Gates

Once the province of James Bond spy thrillers, espionage has moved into the corporate arena to target business trade secrets.


Make Your Case

By Nathan Boberg, CPP & Keith Blakemore, CPP

A business case based on metrics can help the security department effectively present a project to the C-suite and win support for implementing the program.

The Business of Travel Safety

By Tzviel Blankchtein

Security teams must prep their executives and employees alike on ways to stay safe while traveling for business purposes.


The Top Five Red Flags When Negotiating Contracts

By Tory Brownyard, President of Brownyard Group

The top five pitfalls to avoid when negotiating contracts.

Averting Meltdown

By Megan Gates

As more nations obtain nuclear capabilities, regulatory bodies and governments move to make nuclear power safer and more secure.

U.S. Judicial Decisions and Federal Legislation

By Megan Gates

Courts consider the use of drones to target terrorists and the applicability of workers’ compensation to undocumented workers.

European Style Corruption

By Mark Tarallo

Corruption is costing Europe billions of euros every year and anticorruption advocates say that action is long overdue.

Supply Chain Resources

By Arthur G. Arway, CPP

A look at the government programs and resources that can help security professionals plan a supply chain strategy.


The Magazine — Past Issues


Stake Your Claim

By Teresa Anderson

Accurate sources are sorely needed.


Cyber Experts Talk Trends

By Holly Gilbert Stowell

Cybersecurity experts point out that personal information is a profitable commodity for criminals, and it professionals need to protect their networks throughout the entire supply chain.


Legal Report Resources

By Megan Gates

Links to legislation and resources used in this month's Legal Report.



By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

A report on the business of security is discussed at ASIS NYC, and the ASIS Foundation releases a study on security metrics.

Industry News

By Flora Szatkowski

Surveillance at the Statue of Liberty.


Bridging A Security Gap

By Holly Gilbert Stowell

The Maryland Transportation Authority uses a central monitoring platform to merge alarms and video into one application.


Eavesdropping Surveillance & Espionage: Threats, Techniques & Counter-Measures

By Norbert Zaenglein; Reviewed By Paul D. Barnard, CPP

The overarching message of Eavesdropping Surveillance & Espionage is that security professionals must “grasp the serious nature of these threats and understand available counter-measures.”

Foundations of Psychological Profiling: Terrorism, Espionage, and Deception

By Richard Bloom; Reviewed By Jeffrey D. Simon, Ph.D.

The disclosures this past year of the National Security Agency’s massive data mining of telephone calls and Internet activity of individuals is yet another example of the “hot” nature of the issue of profiling.

The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business

By Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen; Reviewed By Jim Dunne, CPP

Amid the sea of information technology and computer books destined to line the shelves of security professionals, this one is uniquely crafted to aid truly long-term planning.

Countering Fraud

By Mark Button and Jim Gee; Reviewed By Sandy Gosselin, CPP

All companies are affected by fraud. It’s a disease that can cripple or even collapse a company no matter its size.


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