March 2013

What Ails Online Pharmacies

By Carlton Purvis

Online pharmacies are a multimillion dollar business, but it’s a consumer-beware world in which much of what is sold is not what it purports to be. Governments and the private sector are trying to address the problem.


First-Responder Training to Change

By Matthew Harwood

A new, comprehensive training program for first responders at all levels will replace a system focused on federal agencies, but concerns over testing remain.

Counterterrorism Perspective: Interview with Daryl Johnson

By Matthew Harwood

Daryl Johnson, former terrorism analyst at the Department of Homeland Security, is interviewed.



By Michael Merola, CPP

How two no-cost moves can promote security to a seat at the big table.

Industry News

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

The CSO Roundtable has joined with management groups to publish a paper exploring the role of CSOs in corporations, and Jere Peltonen, CPP, PCI, PSP, is profiled.

Legal Report

By Teresa Anderson

Courts have issued decisions on employee misconduct, background screening, and investigations.

Case Study

By Teresa Anderson

A school district opening a new high school needed a surveillance system to serve as a deterrent to crime and a tool for carrying out investigations.


By Laura Spadanuta

Wireless carriers agree to support 911 calls, and researchers study disease tracking via Twitter.

Banking on Technology

By Teresa Anderson

Two financial institutions used technology to improve the security of their systems and their customers’ financial assets.

A Conventional Victory

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

Public and private security agencies coordinated plans and handled everything from VIP protection to Hurricane Isaac at the 2012 Republican National Convention.


The Magazine — Past Issues


Excuse My Language But What the F?$@!

By Sherry Harowitz

Have you encountered any blatherskites lately?


EU Privacy Proposal Criticized

By John Wagley

A privacy policy introduced by the European Union has come under fire for being too restrictive and too expensive.

Behind the Numbers

By Ernst & Young

Actions companies took in 2012 to protect sensitive information.


The End of Terror

By Laura Spadanuta

Terrorist groups are most likely to die off when their leaders are removed, but the timing and circumstance of the change are important factors.


A Guide to Business Organization, Management, and Basic Investigative Skills for the Private Investigator

By William F. Blake, CPP; Reviewed by Ross D. Bulla

While accessible to readers at all experience levels, Basic Private Investigation targets law enforcement retirees and other professionals considering investigations as a second career.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance: It Can’t Happen to Us—Avoiding Corporate Disaster While Driving Success

By Richard M. Steinberg; Reviewed by William S. Cottringer

Although its intended audience is primarily senior corporate executives and board members, this book also makes an excellent how-to manual for any security manager.

Surveillance or Security: The Risks Posed by New Wiretapping Technologies

By Susan Landau; Reviewed by Gordon Mitchell, CPP

The technologies of communications and eavesdropping are increasingly complicated, and public policy must keep up with those innovations.

Security Strategy: From Requirements to Reality

By Bill Stackpole and Eric Oksen­dahl; Reviewed by Glen Kitteringham, CPP

Though this book is slightly more on the IT side, the authors of Security Strategy bridge this divide by discussing both types of issues as they relate to high-level security.

Foundations of Homeland Security: Law and Policy

By Martin J. Alperen; Reviewed by Dr. Richard Ward

Despite a large number of books on homeland security, few cover the legal implications surrounding the topic.

Effective Crime Reduction Strategies: International Perspectives

By James F. Albrecht and Dilip K. Das; Reviewed by Hugh J. Martin

In this collection of scholarly compositions, editors James Albrecht and Dilip Das present work from authors who made presentations at an International Police Executive Symposium.

The Privacy Advocates: Resisting the Spread of Surveillance

By Colin J. Bennett; Reviewed by G. Ernest Govea, CPP

This academic work frames the problem of excessive surveillance and describes threats to privacy.


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