January 2013

Protecting Against Cyberthreats

By Douglas Powell, CPP, PSP; Allan Wick, CPP, PSP, PCI; and Don Fergus

Threats to the infrastructure are both real and growing. These insiders discuss the nature of the threat and what can be done to mitigate it.


A Department Under Fire

By Matthew Harwood

The Department of Homeland Security has been criticized for poor management, but a new focus could get the agency back on track.

Federal Security Perspective: Interview with John Perren

By Matthew Harwood

Security Management interviews Assistant Director John Perron of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate.




By Laura Spadanuta

Experts examine the transparency of defense companies’ anticorruption programs, and a study looks at the rare but serious threat of hospital shootings.

Case Study

By Teresa Anderson

The Clear Creek Independent School District installed a remote monitoring system to ensure fire safety at its 49 sites, which are spread over 103 miles.

Industry News

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

ASIS International partners with a risk management group to develop standards, and Michael S. D’Angelo, CPP, is profiled.

Case Study

By Teresa Anderson

The Clear Creek Independent School District installed a remote monitoring system to ensure fire safety at its 49 sites, which are spread over 103 miles.

Staying Out of Court

By Michael Haggard and Rachel W. McCreary

Negligent security lawsuits are costly, but preventing them need not be.

The Man from Down Under

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

Meet the ASIS International 2013 President, who hails originally from Australia.


By Robert Hall

By taking steps to incorporate resilience into the corporate culture, managers can make their companies more robust.

Legal Report

By Teresa Anderson

Read about legal decisions on investigations, drug dogs, and workplace privacy.


The Magazine — Past Issues


Innovations to Ring in the New Year

By Sherry Harowitz

A look at how some security companies are innovating to improve designs and services.


Protecting Children’s Privacy Online

By John Wagley

A proposed rule would limit the ability of companies to track and collect children’s online information.

Presidio Combats Fraud with IronKey

By John Wagley

One bank’s effort to improve transaction security.

CHART: Behind the Numbers

How companies are securing personal mobile devices at work.


Operating in High-Risk Markets

By David Harding

By gathering intelligence, establishing local relationships, and developing crisis management plans, companies can reap the rewards of operating in high-risk countries.


Risk Analysis and the Security Survey, Fourth Edition

By James Broder and Eugene Tucker; Reviewed by Terry L. Wettig, CPP

Written in two parts, the book takes the reader beyond merely conducting the risk analysis in part one to what happens should preparedness fail.

Cyber Warfare: Techniques, Tactics, and Tools for Security Practitioners

By Jason Andress and Steve Winterfeld; Reviewed by Jim Litchko

Apparently aimed at a military audience, this book offers concepts and examples largely from the U.S. military.

Digging for Disclosure: Tactics for Protecting Your Firm’s Assets from Swindlers, Scammers, and Imposters

By Kenneth Springer and Joelle Scott; Reviewed by Adrian A. Barnie, CPP, CFE, CAMS

The authors have written a most interesting and useful book with a fresh look at an old problem.

Terrorist Financing, Money Laundering, and Tax Evasion

By Jayesh D’Souza; Reviewed by Courtney Banks Spaeth

This book covers a crucial element in the worldwide battle against terror and provides an academic viewpoint of many of the issues surrounding the ability to quantitatively measure the performance of financial intelligence units.

Eco-Warriors, Nihilistic Terrorists and the Environment

By Lawrence Likar; Reviewd by: Olle Fjordgren, CPP

All in all, this book has some merits. It gives a comprehensive view of the current status of terrorism and presents some stimulating thoughts and ideas.


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