License Plate Recognition (aka: "LPR" or "ANPR")

Posted by Messoa on Fri, 12/04/2009 - 15:29

    In recent years the growing demand for License Plate Recognition cameras, also known simply as LPR or ANPR (Auto Number Plate Recognition), has been exciting the industry. Often, there are discussions as to the software and application, but overall LPRs have given great advantages to many industries. LPRs are not only used to catch motorists running red lights, making illegal turns, and speeders, but they have also been integrated with import/export, gateway entry/exits, parking garages, parking lots, etc... which is where access control comes in to play.
    With LPRs and an integrated software applied directly to the cameras themselves, there are hundreds of applications of benefit. Not only can the LPR monitor who is going in and out of areas of interest, but with proper software and alarms in/out it can even trigger the arm to say who goes in and out and at what time, while recording all details.

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