Intruder Alerting 'Code'?

Posted by vcooke on Tue, 09/21/2010 - 07:17

We have multiple locations, each having their own ‘intruder alerting’ code. Many have landed on Code Red, while others have landed on other color codes or alerting codes. In all situations employees are instructed to ‘turn off lights and take immediate shelter’……thus not drawing attention to themselves.

We are looking at having one ‘alerting code’ across all locations (20+) and would like to eliminate the debate of the best ‘color’ code and simply go with “Intruder Alert”.

Do you see any issues with simply using “Intruder Alert”?

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"Duck and Cover"

Federal installations such as embassies have a unified system and a simple yet effective way of alerting employees etc of dangers. When the alarm is triggered, it sets off a prerecorded message throughout the installation, starting with a short series of tones, and then a message saying simply "Duck and Cover! Get away from the windows, take cover and await further instructions!"

Simple, standardized messages are the way to go - that way, employees don't need additional training (which can be confusing) if they're transferring or visiting another branch, location or installation than the one they're used to. Simply "Intruder Alert!" would work very well, I think.

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