General Fire Safety Tips

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General Fire Safety Tips:
America is one of the most developing and fast growing country of the world but this fact is quite unlike for a developing country that every year over 4000 people dies and more than 20,000 are injured in fires. It seems that fire related casualties become one of the common features of the developing country. It is found that 80% of the fire death take place in our home only and the accident occurred for silly causes and that could be easily prevented by applying some common sense. One could easily avoid those fire accidents if he/she pays some attention on four basic areas.
Education: So it is important that people should educate themselves and help other to create awareness of fire and it is risk factor and the initiative should start from our own home only.
[url=""][b]Prevention[/b][/url]: To avoid the fire accident one should know about the prevention steps so that he/she could tackle the hazards which may come out on the time of burn and could save the home from the fire.
Detection and Response: Installing and using the proper fire detector like smoke detector one can easily detect the fire and handle the worst situation and prepared himself/herself mentally at the very beginning and didn't get panic on the fire and save the innocents from the casualties.
For all these we only need some basic sense and general awareness through which we can easily avoid the fire risk and casualty. When ever we would found any risk factor in our home that may cause the fire then only pay attention there and change that thing and we should not allow any small causes that may ruined our home and family. So everybody should always attentive and concern about fire and its cause so that we could save our family and home.

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Thanks for the tips you

Thanks for the tips you provided. Now, in case of fire I just know what to do. :)


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