Fire Facts that can save lives

Posted by Profire Safety on Mon, 04/05/2010 - 08:27

Fire Facts that can save lives:

It's really important for us to have some idea about the Fire Fact which may save our life.

1. We should aware about the inflammable particle that we used in our daily life and should keep them in proper place form the easy range of the kids.

2. The use of LPG and Kerosene should be done in proper way so that we save the LPG and Kerosene as well as avoid the fire casualties.

3. Oven and the rubber Pipe of the LPG should be checked regular basis so that if there is any possibility of leakage we can repair it.

4.Fire detector machine should be checked regular basis to see that it functioning well or not.

5. There should be some provision so that each house should have front and rear gate so that people can have option to reach their safety zone.

6. We should develop an action before the fire occurs.

7. It's often found that electrical short circuit is one of the major cause of fire. So we should check the electric wires properly.

8. There should be a help line for the common people so that on crisis time then can dial.

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Re: Fire Facts that can save lives

I guess it would also help if we would install fire alarms and smoke detector in our respective homes. It can save our lives either.


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