Terrorism’s New Paradigm in West Africa

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

In Ekhomu’s home nation of Nigeria, President Jonathan Goodluck declared a state of emergency rule in three northeast Nigerian states in May. During this time, there has been some overreaching by the military that may drive more Muslim youths into Boko Haram’s arms. But it is also the case that thanks to government action, “Boko Haram terrorism has been contained and frequent audacious attacks have been stopped,” said Ekhomu. “Several Boko Haram commanders have been captured or killed [and] the leader is presumed dead.”

This is all good, but Nigeria has a long way to go. Among the fixes Ekhomu called for were more surveillance technology, physical protection systems for critical national assets and infrastructure, the computerization of security information to enable fast analysis, the infiltration of radical groups for human-intelligence gathering, regional cooperation and information sharing, and state security agencies partnering with corporate security and the public to fight the war on terror.



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