Security Management: Digital Edition

By Security Management Staff

Security Management is back with another all-digital edition for the month of July. 

Security Management is back with another all-digital edition. You'll find feature articles on how software is helping first responders, how hospitals are using Tasers, and security applications for robotics; plus department items on technology that could minimize subway tunnel flooding from the next Superstorm Sandy, drug counterfeiting, and much more--all enhanced by interactive charts and maps, videos, audio interviews with newsmakers, and slideshows.

You could jump into the cover story here, which explores the use of digital floor plans for first responders in an emergency.

You might want to check out the Technofile department, which looks at using smartphones as an access credential, or the Intelligence department, which disccuses how Interviewers can elicit more information from a witness by creating a relaxed environment and carrying on a conversation, rather than an interrogation.

We hope you enjoy this all-digital edition of Security Management for the month of July.



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