Security Consulting, Fourth Edition

By Charles A. Sennewald, CPP; Reviewed by David Sayer

Security Consulting, Fourth Edition by Charles A. Sennewald, CPP. Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann; 264 pages; available at ASIS Online Store (; member: $55.00; nonmember: $61.00; item 2062.

Security Consulting, Fourth Edition provides an excellent blueprint for those seeking to use the skills, knowledge, and experience gained in the many years of their security profession to transition into the competitive arena of security consulting. 

Sennewald has mapped out, in a clear and concise way, a sensible, proven method for security professionals to enter into and succeed in the business of security consulting. By drawing on his own arduous, yet successful experience, Sennewald provides a comprehensive, logical, and well-contemplated approach. The book is a necessary read and reference for anyone in the business of, or contemplating entering, security consulting.

New in this edition are chapters that contain tools for information security consulting and the power of the Internet. Also included are many best practices and helpful guides for new consultants. Topics discussed in the book include qualifications, ethics, fees, contracts, and how to start a consulting business.

The appendix is extensive, containing a sample contract and service agreement, along with security survey worksheets. In addition, there is applicable information concerning forensic methodology and detaining shoplifting suspects.

This book is a welcome enhancement of the previous editions and yet stands on its own as a current, valuable tool to assist anyone attempting to succeed in security consulting.

Reviewer: David Sayer has 26 years of experience in the security field, is a member of the ASIS Cultural Properties Council, and is the owner of Orion Security Consulting LLC.



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