Party Planning Under the Gun

By Jeffrey A. Hawkins

Though General George Armstrong Custer and Indian Chief Geronimo never crossed paths, it’s likely sparks would have flown if they had. Today, however, their weapons—if not their spirits—coexist peacefully. They are among more than one thousand war-related artifacts on display at The Frazier Historical Arms Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, which opened its doors last year after a grand gala attended by some of the area’s most prominent and wealthy residents. It was up to museum security to ensure that the gala’s guests had a disarmingly good time and that, even though there were cannons to the left of them, muskets to the right, and sabers bared, the only volleys were verbal and the only thunderous sounds were applause.

Planning for the opening event took into account the type of guests, the event’s sponsor, the presence of VIPs, any exhibit or item that might be at particular risk, and the event’s logistics. Those same components now form the foundation of preparations for all of the events the museum hosts for other organizations.



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