One Lab’s Mission: Resilience Research

By Lilly Chapa

Their plans for collaboration evolved into the Rogers Innovation Center. Announced this summer, the center will consist of 4,000 square feet of lab space, which will be home to 20 Ph.D. researchers and business, development, and strategy experts. Rogers also provided funding for a handful of Northeastern faculty to relocate from the main Boston campus to the satellite campus to collocate research. Two teams of researchers from Rogers will collocate at the innovation center as well.

Bob Daigle, a senior vice president and the chief technology officer for Rogers Corporation, tells Security Management that Northeastern University was selected as the site of the innovation center because of its commitment to collaborating with industry. The goal of the innovation center is to create and acquire new technology through the development of unique materials-based solutions, Daigle says. Working with cutting-edge technology requires a strong fundamental understanding of materials, and collaborating with Northeastern will provide that knowledge, he says.

“We believe this model for university and industry collaboration should result in more research that's focused in areas that can have real impact in the world and reduce the time it takes for new emerging technology to be commercialized,” Daigle says. The Rogers Innovation Center is set to open this month.

Collaboration at the Kostas Institute is not just in the form of projects, Flynn says. To make the collaboration model more sustainable and effective both inside and outside the institute, leaders have reached out to national and local organizations to train and brainstorm together at a variety of events they host each year. The Kostas Institute supports a model for direct participation by government partners in research projects, and it supports academia’s involvement in government efforts, such as training, as the academic interaction during government training sessions adds a unique component, Boynton says.

Flynn says he hopes these kinds of workshops and roundtable discussions will form beneficial, lasting bonds between industry, academic, and government professionals, and that this collaboration will become more common throughout the homeland security environment.



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