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Transceiver Hub

The HubWayLD8S Active UTP Transceiver Hub with integral camera power transmits UTP video, RS-422/RS-485 data, and power over a single CAT-5 (or higher) structured cable. New from Altronix of Brooklyn, New York, it features eight camera channels in a 19-inch rack-mount chassis, a video transmission range of up to 3,000 feet per channel, and compatibility with AC and/or DC fixed or pan-tilt-zoom cameras when connected to the company’s HubWayA or HubWayD Video Balun/Combiners. An optional HubSat4S Passive UTP Transceiver Hub with integral camera power can be used as an accessory module to transmit video from up to four cameras over a single structured cable back to the HubWayLD8S. In addition, the HubSat4S provides power to those cameras locally to eliminate the voltage drop associated with long camera runs.

Network Video Solutions

Axis Communications is an IT company that offers network video solutions for professional installations. The company is driving the ongoing shift from analog to digital video surveillance. Axis products and solutions focus on security surveillance and remote monitoring, and are based on innovative, open technology platforms. The Swedish company operates worldwide with offices in 18 countries, including a regional headquarters in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The company cooperates with partners in more than 70 countries. Founded in 1984, Axis is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange, Large Cap and Information Technology. For more information about Axis, please visit

Access Software

Access Personal Edition from Bosch Security Systems of Fairport, New York, is an easy-to-use access system for small to medium applications. Its hardware and software modules can be tailored to the end user’s needs. It supports up to 2,000 users, 64 readers, and 16 workstations and uses the Bosch Access Modular Controller hardware platform, which communicates through TCP/IP and RS-485. The solution includes a data management system for personnel information, access profiles, scheduling, and visitor management, and up to 64 controllers that can make access control decisions even when offline. If a server system failure occurs, data is saved by the hardware and synchronized with the server once it is back online.

Dome Cameras

CBC (AMERICA) Corp. of Commack, New York, has introduced the Ganz line of indoor and outdoor dome cameras. The ZC-D5000 Dome Series features a high-performance CCD image sensor combined with the new DSP chip delivering a super high resolution of 540 TV lines in true (mechanical) day/night and digital day/night versions. The series offers six Computar CS-Mount Aspherical Varifocal Lens options that provide maximum optical quality in demanding lighting conditions. The indoor version features a single model that can be used for both surface and flush mounting. The outdoor housing is IP 66 rated and features a built-in conduit hole for convenient installation. A heater option is available for temperatures to –40o F. All models are available with a transmitter for video transmission over CAT 5 cable and are UL listed. 

Exit Controls

DynaLock Corporation of Bristol, Connecticut, has launched the new 6901 Series Specialty Exit Control line. The heavy-duty two-gang push plate is precision machined from solid aluminum. The red anodized body features white-filled, 1-inch-high, engraved “PUSH TO EXIT” code-compliant signage. The device is the first in a line of solutions to meet specific codes governing egress requirements within facilities, municipalities, or regions. Available with SPDT or DPDT momentary, alternate action, or SPDT-DB pneumatic time-delay contacts, it is built to withstand high-traffic, abusive environments, while maintaining an attractive appearance. It carries the exclusive DynaLife lifetime warranty.

 Media Converter

International Fiber Systems of Newtown, Connecticut, a unit of GE Security, has announced an extension to the DE7200 Series 2 Port Ethernet electrical-to-optical media converter by introducing a miniature version. The IFS DE7200m is a smaller Ethernet transceiver that can fit in a camera housing, where it is powered by the camera’s power supply, eliminating the need for an external or power-over-Ethernet supply. It can transmit either 10 Mps or 100 Mbps Ethernet data over multimode or singlemode optical fiber ports. The transceiver can be used for point-to-network transmission systems using Ethernet protocol. This device can effectively transmit data over distances up to 37 kilometers.

Telephone Tap Detection

The TALAN Telephone And Line Analyzer from Research Electronics International (REI) of Algood, Tennessee, evaluates digital and analog telephone systems (and other wiring) for eavesdropping threats. Among its new testing technologies are line nonlinear junction detection (which indicates if any electronics are attached to a wire), digital demodulation (which can indicate if a digital phone system is passing audio when it shouldn’t be), frequency domain reflectometer (to check for impedance anomalies or taps on a phone line), and an automated switching matrix to automate tests on all pair combinations of wires on telephone line. The device also integrates and automates standard telephone testing equipment such as multimeter tests (voltage, current resistance, and capacitance), audio amplifier (to indicate if the line is passing audio), spectrum analyzer (up to 85 MHz), and oscilloscope. 

Weatherproof Dome

The new i-Pro WV-NW964 weatherproof outdoor network PTZ dome camera from Panasonic Security Systems of Secaucus, New Jersey, incorporates all the performance and features of the company’s indoor cameras, including exclusive Super Dynamic III technology, progressive output for smooth images, and 360-degree endless pan-tilt-zoom operation for comprehensive surveillance of the environment. A digital slip ring provides superior picture quality with true digital conversion. In addition, the camera offers 30x optical zoom (300x total), dual-stream MPEG-4/JPEG output for simultaneous live monitoring and high-resolution recording, SD memory card slot for convenient onboard recording, and an IP 66 rating for protection from water and dust. 

Low-Light Camera

Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York, has added a new model to its Intensifier Series of cameras that see color in low light without infrared LEDs. Intensifier Technology amplifies and maximizes existing light to generate color pictures in darkness where other cameras can’t. The HT-INTD8 Intensifier Camera combines the best features of bullet and dome cameras into a single package that lends itself to many types of applications. It features 560 TV lines of resolution, a wider range 2.8 to 12 millimeter auto-iris varifocal lens, and the new “EZ mount” system to simplify installation. The camera offers dual voltage operation: 12 VDC or 24 VAC with line lock. Voltage is auto sensing. The HT-INTD9 (5 to 50 millimeter lens) and the HT-INTD10 (9 to 22 millimeter lens) round out this new line of cameras. 

Door Solution

Combining an Advantex panic bar with user friendly access control and the added security of anti-tailgate detection equipment creates an easy-to-order Detex EasyKit. The turnkey solution from Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, is ready to install and compatible with most card reader technologies and access control systems. The electric latch retraction device provides easy door access without electric strikes or magnetic locks. The anti-tailgate device uses infrared sensor beams to sense and process pedestrian direction and head count. It allows for multiple valid card reads and multiple passages without waiting for the door to be resecured. It will also store valid card reads and allow for free-exit without causing an alarm or losing valid card reads.   

    Metal Detector

The PD 6500i walk-through metal detector from Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, is designed for maximum patron throughput. It features 33 distinct zones to precisely identify multiple target locations. With transmitters and receivers in each panel, the detector scans from both sides, providing superior detection, uniformity, and performance. Easy to assemble, the PD 6500i meets TSA, European Airports, and other international security requirements. Remote monitoring, networking, and data analysis options are also available. The versatile metal detector has settings for airports, courthouses, prisons, schools, facilities, special events, mass transit, loss prevention, and many other applications.

Visitor Management

Fast-Pass from SISCO Identification Solutions of West Palm Beach, Florida, rapidly identifies, captures, and logs visitors, volunteers, employees, and vendors. The Fast-Pass system captures data from a visitor’s driver’s license, government ID, or passport, and validates the identification. It can also cross-check criminal, sex offender, and internal watch lists. Once clearance is established, a photo badge is instantly printed, designating expiration and final destination. The system is easy to use and completes the process in seconds. It keeps an electronic audit trail of all visitor activity that can be generated instantly, and it can also tally volunteer hours for recognition awards and create customized reports for specific requirements.

Card Printer

The PR-C101 single-sided card printer offers a simple and affordable solution for producing durable, high-quality ID cards. New from Team NiSCA of Somerset, New Jersey, the printer is small enough to fit in an office overhead bin or under a counter. Its rotating LCD panel and optional front or back exit allow it to be placed in any orientation on a counter. The disposable ribbon cartridge can also be recycled. The printer features edge-to-edge dye-sublimation printing in full color. The removable feeder holds 100 cards. It comes packaged with basic badging software and offers optional magnetic stripe and contactless smart card encoding. 

Digital Video Recorder

The Kollector Lite XG from Vicon of Hauppauge, New York, is a value-priced addition to its line of network video recorders for use with the ViconNet digital video management system. It provides full-featured viewing, recording playback, and control of 16 local cameras. Users can view and control video remotely through a ViconNet NVR or Kollector Elite DVR. An enterprise network can be created using an unlimited number of units. Kollector Lite features 4 CIF recording and up to two terabytes of storage. It is available in 60 and 120 frames-per-second models. It is compatible with current and future versions of ViconNet as well as with the Virtual Matrix Controller.

Guard Tour System

Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, offers the GCS ProxiPen Data Acquisition Unit and TopGuard Patrol reporting software. ProxiPen’s data points are RFID tags, which ProxiPen senses and reads automatically whenever they come into its reading range, so guards don’t have to actually touch the tag. Thus, the ProxiPen can read a tag even if it is wet, frosty, dirty, greasy, or painted over. It can even read tags that are concealed behind wallpaper, sheetrock, plaster, paneling, or any other nonmetallic surface, an advantage in applications where aesthetics or vandalism are considerations. The ProxiPen kit includes the ProxiPen, a data transfer unit, 33 RFID tags, reporting software, and an incident book. The TopGuard Patrol software can be used with other GCS data acquisition hardware, including the Escorte system, in combination with the ProxiPen if desired.

ID Printers

Digital Identification Solutions of Greenville, South Carolina, presents the affordable and reliable EDIsecure Professional Line of card printers with options for in-line lamination, Ethernet connectivity, contact chip encoding, and contactless encoder/readers, including MIFARE, DESFire, Prox, and iCLASS. Professional Line printers include the economical XID560ie, the double-side XID570ie, the workhorse XID580ie, and the high-production XID590ie Retransfer Card Printer, plus the resilient DCP360i Direct Card Printer. The company also offers a Value Line of direct card printers, card management software, a complete ID badging and Web-enabled enrollment application, biometric and image capture devices, and enhancement tools. From its subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, China, Singapore, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates, and its global network of certified resellers, the company can deliver secure credential solutions virtually anywhere in the world.

Access Control Demo

DSX Access Systems, Inc., of Dallas, Texas, is offering a free demonstration CD of the WinDSX access control software. The CD provides an extensive narrated walkthrough of the WinDSX program and also serves well as a basic administrative training tool for those who already have a WinDSX access control system. It is available upon request at under “Requests.” The access control software is the same for controlling one door and for an enterprisewide system. It offers digital recorder interfaces, full CCTV control, integral photo ID badging, smart-card and biometric integration, time and attendance functions, visitor management, and control of elevators, lighting, and HVAC operations.

Exit Alarm 

The ES4300A Series Exit Alarm from Designed Security, Inc., of Bastrop, Texas, is a state-of-the-art controlled door management system that combines standard door management functions with an audible alarm. The alarm provides enhanced monitoring of exit points by providing an audible and alarm contact activation for a forced-door violation. The device is placed near the door and monitors door position. The intrusion and exit alarm functions recognize a violation when the secured door is forced open. The unit responds by sounding the audible alarm continuously until reset by an integral key switch, remote contact, or onboard auto reset function. It is user adjustable from 0 to 60 seconds and can also be used to bypass the exit alarm.

Digital Recorders

ELMO USA Corporation of Plainview, New York, has expanded its line of embedded digital video recorders with the introduction of the new ProVidient Series. Besides offering state-of-the-art functionality, each model employs secure, intelligent, and upgradeable technology. The EMR-16, EDR-10PV, EDR-16PV, and EDR-20PH are network-ready with embedded operating system reliability that eliminates the threats of viruses and also isolates vital video data from being lost or corrupted in the event of a system crash. Other features include simple setup procedures and onscreen menus. The software has more intelligence than previous models, and it can provide proactive e-mail notification to designated users or administrators. Various fault conditions of the system and alarm inputs are reported immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.

Guard Tour System

Miami-based ProxiGuard offers a guard tour system based on RFID technology. It has advantages over other guard tour systems because it is contactless and does not require line-of-sight checkpoints. Checkpoints can be read under water, snow, fog, ice, paint, dust, wood, and concrete; they can even be hidden in walls, preventing tampering and the need for expensive brackets. The intrinsically safe nature of RFID allows systems to be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres. Because readers do not physically contact the tags, the system is less prone to wear and tear than other types of guard tour systems. New readers offer impact detection to alert the user if anyone is trying to damage or tamper with equipment.   

Visitor Management

The new SVM 9.0 Visitor Management software suite from EasyLobby, Inc., of Needham, Massachusetts, provides comprehensive, easy-to-use visitor registration, monitoring, reporting, and photo badge printing, as well as Web-based preregistration and centralized administration. It is tightly integrated with 30 different access control systems. Comprehensive government-denied-party and sex-offender screening services are also offered with the software. Available in English, Spanish, German, and French, it makes visitors and employees feel safer, and enhances a company’s professional image. Software is easy to install, easy to learn, and easy to use, with free tech support and free training.          

Integrated Security

Delaware State University, a diverse school serving more than 3,700 students each year, selected the Pro-Watch Security Management System from Honeywell Security of Louisville, Kentucky. Employing a powerful client server architecture, the multicampus solution integrates building and vehicle access control, video surveillance, ID badging, intrusion detection, asset detection, and fire alarm systems. The system integrated student accounts/HR, dining, and library systems to streamline the registration process, saving the university thousands of hours in data entry and wasted time.

Network Camera

The IQeye Sentinel Series from IQinVision of San Clemente, California, is an all-weather megapixel network camera that receives all its power over the Ethernet. The vandal-resistant, weatherproof IP security cameras can be mounted to a wall, ceiling, or parapet without the need for additional hardware. Available in 1-, 2-, 3-, or 5-megapixel models, they come in a variety of quality megapixel lens options for any application. It is available as a standard or true day/night camera. The fully integrated IP 66 housing is attractive, discreet, and can withstand a wide temperature range, making it suitable for even the harshest climates.

Electronic Lock

Kaba Access Control of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has added a new model to its E-Plex brand of electronic access control. The E-Plex 5900 Card-Connected Electronic Lock is a battery-operated, stand-alone electronic locking system with card-connected technology. CoreStreet Card-Connected technology allows access points to be centrally managed anywhere in the network, which can cut the cost of electronic access control per door by more than half. The locking systems are managed and monitored in physical access control systems just like wired doors, but require no wiring or wireless networks, so they can be used in remote sites without running wires. The locks communicate with commercially available physical access control systems by reading and writing the digitally signed data (privileges and logs) to and from smart cards. In this way, cardholders become an extension of the physical access network where cards, instead of wires, carry information to and from the locks. The lock comes with a three-year warranty.     

Key Management

KeyWatcher from Morse Watchmans, Inc., of Oxford, Connecticut, is a full-featured key management system that provides an integrated access control solution. Illuminated key storage simplifies the identification of the correct key and provides compact storage. Users can configure each unit to meet the specific needs of their application. Special modules accommodate credit cards and cellular phones, weapons, and similar items. Users access the unit via built-in keypad, fingerprint reader, and magnetic or proximity card reader, or the unit can be integrated with a wide range of other access devices. An LED display prompts users through the process of key removal and replacement and also provides audit trail data. Users can only access keys for which they have an authorized user code, and keys can be retuned to any location in the box. A tamper-proof mechanism triggers an alarm when misuse of a key or the unit is suspected.     

Video Server

The new S-44 four-channel video server is the latest addition to the Siqura product line from Optelecom-NKF, Inc., of Germantown, Maryland. Each channel can simultaneously transmit two MPEG-2/4 and one M-JPEG stream at full D1 resolution, for concurrent recording, live streaming, and Web viewing of video content. The S-44 supports both a single and a quad view using a standard Web browser. Its compact design allows up to 44 channels in a single 3RU chassis, offering customers unparalleled scalability and low price-per-channel. Siqura Surveillance Solutions include high-quality cameras, video servers, video recorders, and sophisticated video management software, ensuring customers seamlessly integrated and intelligent surveillance solutions.




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