Hospitality Security: Managing Security in Today’s Hotel, Lodging, Entertainment, and Tour­ism Environment

By Darrell Clifton, CPP; Reviewed by Marianna Perry, CPP

***** Hospitality Security: Managing Security in Today’s Hotel, Lodging, Entertainment, and Tour­ism Environment. By Darrell Clifton, CPP. CRC Press. Available from ASIS, item #2033; 332 pages; $80 (ASIS member), $88 (nonmember).

An excellent resource for every security practitioner, Hospitality Security is not just for those working in the hospitality industry. While some of its security topics are specific to the industry, the sections on retail operations, swimming pools, parking facilities, security officers, terrorism, and workplace violence could be applied to other industries as well. The sections on special events, emergency procedures, and mutual aid contain especially good information.

The first chapter sets the stage for the rest of the book with an in-depth discussion of risk assessment. Calculating severity and probability accurately are at the core of developing and implementing an effective security plan. There is detailed information on how to conduct an external and internal assessment, and there are practical steps to follow to achieve optimal results. The author explains that the goal is to provide the best security possible while staying within budget constraints—all to keep people and property safe while maintaining a defensible position from a legal standpoint.

Topics are presented in four main sections—Planning, Policies, Physical Security, and The Security Executive. The information is given in a logical, easy-to-follow manner. The author uses case studies and actual recent incidents to illustrate the need to implement effective security strat­egies and why they are important in terms of vulnerability and foreseeability. Throughout the book, different strategies are presented and then followed with a practical approach to what works and why.

The book addresses protecting individuals and their property without infringing on their rights or the rights of others in the process. This is especially challenging when dealing with hospitality’s “soft targets,” and the author does an excellent job presenting information about being proactive and hardening targets while still providing outstanding customer service and reducing potential liability. Those with security responsibilities in the hospitality industry would certainly benefit from the author’s experience regarding “best practices,” but I recommend it to every security professional.

Reviewer: Marianna Perry, CPP, is a training and development manager for Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., and specializes in education, training, and physical security assessments. She is a member of the ASIS International Crime and Loss Prevention Council.



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