Every Officer Is a Leader, Second Edition

By Terry D. Anderson; Kenneth Gisborne, CPP; and Patrick Holliday; Reviewed by Michael D’Angelo, CPP

***** Every Officer Is a Leader, Second Edition. By Terry D. Anderson; Kenneth Gisborne, CPP; and Patrick Holliday. Trafford Publishing,; 424 pages; $64.95.

The “transforming leadership” process described in Every Officer Is a Leader defines the journey a modern leader must undergo to become a successful and respected mentor and coach. These leadership principles are not reserved for senior commanders, nor are they exclusive to law enforcement personnel. Old management paradigms that have been taught to thousands of police executives are replaced with modern principles that can be practiced throughout the organization and applied to the security management profession.

The three authors represent academia, the private sector, and law enforcement organizations. Additionally, there are edifying contributions from a variety of subject matter experts that lend validity to the book’s overall purpose.

Valuable self-assessments help the leader prepare for the transformation and become the coach that guides everyone into leadership models. The authors suggest practical approaches to effecting change with both disgruntled veteran personnel and wary younger generations. They stress the points of leadership as an ongoing process that needs to be regularly evaluated for change. The steps are laid out in easy-to-follow formats that build upon one another. Reading through the chapters in order is particularly important.

If there is any shortcoming to the book, it may be that the reader needs to have a basic understanding of traditional management and leadership principles. Many line personnel have not been exposed to these concepts or the advanced training that comes along with them. Such new leaders may find that they need to look up some of these teachings to gain a better understanding. Overall, the book is a great addition to any current, or up-and-coming, leader’s reference library.

The text can also serve as a guide for an organization undergoing a significant change in leadership philosophy.

Reviewer: Michael D’Angelo, CPP, is security manager for Baptist Health South Florida. He retired as a captain from the South Miami (Florida) Police Department after 20 years. D’Angelo serves on the ASIS Healthcare Security Council.



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