Eternal Battle Against Evil

By Paul R. Chabot; Reviewed by Olle Fjordgren

***** Eternal Battle Against Evil. By Paul R. Chabot. Total Publishing and Media, availa­ble from; 386 pages; $19.99; also available as e-book.

Author Paul Chabot takes a bold and sweeping look at all the bad things in the world—terrorists, drugs, gangs, even Somali pirates. He advocates that understanding the organizational resilience of these groups is the best way to fight them. To deal with, for example, pirates from Puntland requires a completely different approach from our dealings with a white suburban gang that is tormenting a wealthy suburb.

While there’s an element of truth to that, this reviewer believes that the problems we face are more complicated and multifaceted than the author portrays. The book comes across as sensational and self-promotional.

Reviewer: Olle Fjordgren, CPP, is the CEO of and a security advisor at GRANIT Säkerhet. He serves on the ASIS Global Terrorism, Political Instability, and International Crime Council.



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