Endangered Children: Homicide and Other Crimes, Second Edition

By Lita Linzer Schwartz and Natalie K. Isser; Reviewed by Colonel Kuljeet Singh, CPP

***** Endangered Children: Homicide and Other Crimes, Second Edition. By Lita Linzer Schwartz and Natalie K. Isser. CRC Press,; 287 pages; $83.95; also available as e-book.

This timely work, well-researched and brilliantly written, explores the many threats facing children and offers insight into possible remedies to them. The authors begin with a historical backdrop to child abuse and homicide, analyzing the socio-biological and cultural perspectives on neonaticide, parental neglect, sibling abuse, mental illness in the home, and more. Controversial issues, including illegitimacy, abortion, adoption, and euthanasia, also come under scrutiny.

The authors look at the legal ramifications of these crimes in the United States and abroad. Motives and psychological conditions, such as postpartum depression, are explored in a wide range of contexts and perspectives, as well as a range of children’s ages.

The authors look at preventive measures for the spectrum of crimes against children. They also discuss therapeutic rehabilitation and therapeutic jurisprudence, an interdisciplinary approach that concentrates on applying laws in a manner that will enhance the psychological well-being of those to whom they are applied. They call for judges, law­yers, social workers, psychologists, and others to work together to develop strategies to protect children.

Reviewer: Colonel Kuljeet Singh, CPP, is director of business development and planning for Command International Security Services, Inc. He is a member of ASIS International.



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