Effective Crime Reduction Strategies: International Perspectives

By James F. Albrecht and Dilip K. Das; Reviewed by Hugh J. Martin

***** Effective Crime Reduction Strategies: International Perspectives. Edited by James F. Albrecht and Dilip K. Das. CRC Press,; 650 pages; $129.95.

Editors James Albrecht and Dilip Das have extensive policing backgrounds augmented by graduate studies in related disciplines. In this collection of scholarly compositions, they present work from authors who made presentations at an International Police Executive Symposium. The papers describe problems that are shared by law enforcement administrators throughout the world. Topics covered include law enforcement in Thailand, labor relations in Canadian law enforcement agencies, policing challenges in Turkey, the Hungarian Crime Prevention Academy, and the evolution of policing in Argentina.

This volume would likely be worthwhile to those who work in global organizations devoted to improving policing throughout the world as well as to professors teaching graduate courses in comparative policing practices. It is unlikely that police chiefs, sheriffs, or security practitioners working in the field would find the book helpful in coping with daily challenges.

Reviewer: Hugh J. Martin is a retired director of public safety/chief of police from Wisconsin who currently works in campus security. He is a member of ASIS International.



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