Blended Training for Six Sigma

By Gary Retherford

In early 2013, a multimedia entertainment company explored Six Sigma as a way to address access control concerns. Several members of the company’s security leadership were already familiar with Six Sigma, and they wanted to know how it might be used and implemented within a security environment.

While senior management believed that the security program could benefit from Six Sigma, their questions and concerns centered on how to implement the program. Executives requested that, regardless of the approach taken for implementation, various team members be trained, with the intent that the security department could eventually take on additional improvement projects.

The company chose a blended learning program, which incorporates different learning modes, is designed to appeal to different learning styles, and is engineered to meet the requirements of effectiveness, cost, and flexibility. Common components of a good model include interactive e-learning, classroom simulations, live and recorded web­inars, online or paper-based testing, one-on-one coaching, support structures such as study halls, interactive Six Sigma software tools, and reference sources.

Getting Acquainted

Although technically not part of the official training, the company decided to have an initial meeting on the project to provide an op­portunity for the trainer to understand the company culture. The meeting provided the security team with a chance to evaluate the personality and expectations of the trainer. The meeting was also used to codify the scope of the overall initiative, ask any questions, and discuss benefits and concerns.

Individuals within the company came to the meeting with varying degrees of buy-in, from skepticism to total acceptance. However, as ideas for applying Six Sigma began to develop and projects were of­fered for consideration, cotmpany employees agreed that several key security projects could benefit from using this methodology.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the company agreed to set up an e-learning program for each security team member.



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