ASIS Product Showcase

Video Management

Atlanta-based Steelbox Networks, Inc., has introduced Steelbox 2000, a network media appliance that offers the throughput and storage innovations of high-end solutions in an economical, compact device suitable for systems with as few as 16 cameras. It enables simultaneous live viewing, recording, and playback of up to 100 concurrent, full frame-rate, high-resolution MPEG4 video streams. Steelbox Enterprise easily grows to handle more capacity without additional hardware through flexible licensing based on throughput and storage requirements. The video management suite enables security personnel to keep tabs on live events while reviewing and searching recorded video. It includes the 5000 series network-attached storage, providing significantly more archiving capacity than comparably priced storage systems.

Client Communication

 A multi-faceted quality assurance and customer-care program, Customer Connection was launched by AlliedBarton Security Services of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, to enhance customer communication. It allows customers to express concerns or compliments and ask questions at any time. While the local management team continues to serve as the primary contact, Customer Connection presents additional communication resources. A multilevel survey process measures customer satisfaction, assesses factors influencing sales; and collects information about the startup and transition process. A toll-free, customer-only hotline is available around the clock. Calls are recorded, assigned a case number, and tracked electronically until resolved. Customers can also communicate via the company’s Web site and a dedicated e-mail address.


Partner Program

A revolutionary software development kit from Software House of Lexington, Massachusetts, has spawned the creation of a new development partner program that promises to yield unique business and security applications. The C·CURE 9000 Software Development Kit allows licensed partners to develop integrated business applications using all of the subcomponents of the C·CURE 9000 event and security management system. Several partners, including Imprivata and KapLogic have already begun development of unique solutions that will bring immediate value to security customers worldwide.

Threat Detection

Duos Technologies of Jacksonville, Florida, has introduced the PRAESIDIUM sensor detection suite, which analyzes and processes incoming video and sensor feeds to detect specific activities and events. Combined with intelligent browser-based mapping software, it visualizes suspected security breach types and locations, simultaneously detecting multiple events and processing each in accordance with user-defined parameters. The sophisticated user interface enables zone setting, custom logic creation, and manipulation of system parameters. It accommodates an unlimited number of users and features automatic failure recovery, strong encryption, low bandwidth requirements, and months of archive capability. It offers virtual perimeter breach detection, wrong way detection, object counting, loitering activity detection, traffic congestion detection, multicamera handoff, programmable behavioral logic, moving object detection, and removed and left object detection.

 X-Ray Inspection

The Gemini Parcel X-ray Inspection System from American Science & Engineering of Billerica, Massachusetts, combines dual-energy transmission with patented Z Backscatter technology for the most comprehensive threat detection available for parcel, baggage, and mail screening. Even in cluttered environments, it can simultaneously detect both organic and inorganic materials, displaying a high-resolution image in which metallic threats such as guns and knives are easily detected, and fine details, including tiny wires that could indicate an improvised explosive device, are discerned. The Z Backscatter X-rays generate an image that highlights organic materials such as explosives, narcotics, and plastic weapons that are frequently missed in transmission-only detection systems. The photograph-like images facilitate image interpretation and reduce operator fatigue.


Security Integration Program

The OnGuard OpenAccess Alliance Program from Lenel Systems International of Rochester, New York, provides a way for customers, value-added resellers, and independent consultants to enable successful security programs all over the world and in nearly every market sector. It assists manufacturers in virtually every product category in establishing software interfaces to OnGuard with the support of Lenel. With a world-class software development kit that features device-level and software application programming interfaces, OnGuard can help customer security programs unite third-party technologies and build a road to success. To date, the program has certified nearly 40 third-party manufacturers through a factory certification process.

Chemical Detection

Smiths Detection of Pine Brook, New Jersey, has introduced a multisensor hand-held device that can quickly identify toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents, and gamma radiation. The Hazardous Gas and Vapor Identifier (HGVI) uses ion mobility spectrometry, photoionization detection, and Taguchi gas sensors to look at unknown substances from various angles. It offers rapid detection, identification, and quantification of industrial and strategic chemicals and switches automatically between modes. The device employs the company’s H-Fusion decision enhancement software to improve analytical accuracy. Designed in cooperation with first response teams, the HGVI is simple to operate in Level-A gear and in any environment. Weighing only 7.5 pounds (3.4 kilograms), the device is easy to carry by its handle or shoulder strap.

Public Surveillance

CrimeEye is a citywide public safety CCTV system from Total Recall Corporation of Suffern, New York. The solution encompasses everything from the camera systems on the street to the command center. Digital solutions range from standalone, self-installed systems to complete enterprise solutions. The enterprise solutions include a digital wireless network to bring live real-time video to a head end or command center. The company offers several versions of camera systems with features that range from fixed field of view to pan-tilt-zoom cameras with megapixel technology. Some are recorded locally while others are simultaneously transmitted to a remote recording system. Camera systems have wireless access points for streetside viewing and control.




Thermal Camera

FLIR Systems, Inc., of Wilsonville, Oregon, has launched the VSR-6 thermal security camera, a passive thermal camera that provides clear video images of intruders based on their body heat, and provides high-contrast imagery in total darkness. The camera includes FLIR’s advanced image processing technology, delivering excellent vision in total darkness and through smoke, dust, and light fog. No focusing or image adjustment is required. No costly active illumination is needed. It has a wide field-of-view which makes it an ideal choice for either indoor or outdoor applications, and its standard video output makes it drop-in compatible with existing video security installations. The camera is housed in an all-weather enclosure and the simple, power-in, video-out operation makes it an ideal surveillance technology for round-the-clock operation.        

Incident Management

Perspective by PPM 2000 Inc. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a single enterprise platform for incident reporting and investigation management. It allows users to intelligently action and query data for trends, risk mitigation, and planning activities. The system goes beyond routine incident reporting to offer complete investigation management. Interactive user dashboards and integration with Microsoft Outlook encourage collaboration, while procedural consistency is emphasized through well-designed incident and investigation workflow. For statistical reporting, it provides custom analytical searching, together with advanced charting and graphing. Users can search on any information in their databases and present findings in a variety of ways. With the latest technology and multiple options for segregating and consolidating data, Perspective is ideal for enterprisewide implementations. Add-on modules facilitate visual analysis, online incident reporting, and performance management.   

Panic Device Power

The StrikeIt1 Panic Device Power Controller from Altronix Corporation of Brooklyn, New York, is designed to independently or simultaneously power and control two panic hardware devices with very high inrush requirements. Simultaneous 12 VDC and 24 VDC outputs power access control accessories. StrikeIt1 includes a built-in timed door release, a fire alarm interface, outputs for activation of automatic door operators, and a built-in charger for sealed lead-acid or gel-type batteries. It is UL Listed and MEA/CSFM approved, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.




Access Controllers

Tour Andover Controls of Carrollton, Texas, has introduced the ACX Series Controllers. The powerful, all-in-one access controllers are designed for both critical government and public sector security applications. Competitively priced, the flexible access control system provides advanced security features for any building. The controllers offer access control for one to eight doors over the Ethernet, can support up to 480,000 personnel records, and are Web-enabled for distributed applications and easy installation and control. Users can adjust access rights automatically when conditions or threat levels change; lock down areas in response to potential threats; and apply encryption to ensure tamperproof communications between controllers and workstations. The ACX Series conforms to U.S. government standards under Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 and the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201.

Card Printer

Team NiSCA of Somerset, New Jersey, provides reliable and cost-effective ID card printing and security laminating solutions to corporations, governments, and universities. The new PRC101 Card Printing Solution offers brilliant 24-bit color, 256-grayscale, and edge-to-edge printing on CR80 cards. The single-sided printer provides a simple and affordable out-of-the-box solution for high-quality, high-durability ID cards with low maintenance requirements. The compact printer can be placed in any orientation. The printer’s ribbon cassette and cleaning roller unit is disposable and recyclable. The printer offers optional magnetic strip encoding and comes packaged with an entry-level badging software application.

Bullet Camera

The new HT-INT8B Intensifier weatherproof bullet camera from Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York, features resolution of 540 lines and a 2.8- to 10-millimeter auto-iris varifocal lens. This model also offers dual voltage (12 VDC/24 VAC) operation with line lock and a new easy-mounting system. The cameras can produce images in low light without using infrared LEDs. The intensifier technology amplifies and maximizes existing light to generate pictures in darkness. It also features easy-to-follow on-screen display setup and comes with an infrared remote control.

Anti-Tailgate Device

The ES520 Anti-Tailgate Device from Designed Security, Inc., of Bastrop, Texas, consists of two self-contained narrow door-mounted units. Affordable and easy to install, the device uses infrared beams to detect tailgating through any standard doorway and sets off an alarm when more than one person enters for each authorized card, PIN, or remote door release. This smart and simple solution can be configured to trigger local or remote alarms and is compatible with most access control systems and card reader technologies. DSI also offers door alarms, annunciators, pushbuttons, key switches, and mantrap systems.




Employee Screening

First Advantage of St. Petersburg, Florida, has introduced ScreenDirect, a Web-based screening system that provides an efficient environment for processing global background investigations, substance abuse testing, and fingerprinting. Using a customizable workflow platform, the system allows for creating and processing online applications, screening package order entry, fingerprinting status review, drug testing results, and more. Using First Advantage’s SAFE System Outsourced Fingerprinting Network, FBI checks are completed in days rather than weeks. The company provides nationwide coverage in all 50 states, usually within 15 miles of a customer’s hiring office.


Digital Recorders

The SD Range is the newest addition to the product line from Dedicated Micros of Chantilly, Virginia. It offers users high-performance, easy-to-use, plug-and-play digital video recorders that are preconfigured to guarantee 30 or 60 days of storage. Available in 4-, 8-, 12-, 16- and 32-channel variants, the SD Range offers consistent recording duration and smooth motion video. To minimize complexity and user training, common configuration interface operates identically from both the Web browser and the local control. They have an integrated CD-R writer and four USB ports, and the hard drive is easily removed.

 Access Control

Amano Cincinnati, Inc., of Roseland, New Jersey, has introduced the AXP400 system, a multidoor, multisite enterprise solution for access control. The introduction of the powerful Ethernet-based 400i Controller increases the capacity of the AXP400 system to accommodate a single building and multiple buildings linked across a worldwide network. The advanced features of the AmanoNet Access Control Software Suite provide flexibility and seamless integration with time and attendance, biometric, and DVR systems.



Networked Access

The Profile Series v.S1 from SARGENT Manufacturing Company of New Haven, Connecticut, is an intelligent, integrated lockset that provides IP-networked access control. The lock operates on power over Ethernet, and a single network cable provides power and data to the lock using existing LAN infrastructure. Administrators can add, remove, or change users’ access profiles from a networked PC. The lock, which is available on the company’s Grade 1 Bored Lock (10 Line), Mortise Lock (8200 Series), and on 80 Series exit devices, offers real-time door monitoring and lockdown capability. It is compatible with HID 125 KHz proximity protocol.







Mounting Racks

The Intermediate Distribution Rack (IDF) Series from Middle Atlantic Products of Fairfield, New Jersey, is designed for integrators who need to house components where cable-run distances can become problematic. With a weight capacity of 150 pounds, units can be mounted to building truss or uni-strut to house hubs, routers, video recorders, and other components. IDF Series enclosures offer features for thermal, cable, space, and power management. Solid front, rear locking, and latched doors are standard on every rack, providing secure access to components housed inside. All racks include a grounding/bonding stud in the top of the enclosure, making them compliant with NEBS and NEC standards. A removable aluminum plate can be machined in the field so that integrators can mount wireless antennae, dome cameras, or other components.



Security Services

Covenant Services Worldwide, LLC, of Bolingbrook, Illinois, is comprised of Covenant Homeland Security Solutions, Ltd.; Covenant Aviation Security, LLC; Covenant Security Services, LLC; Covenant Nuclear Security Services, LLC; and Covenant Special Projects, LLC. The five operating companies share resources and expertise while enjoying the financial efficiencies of centralized support services and the operational agility of decentralized operations. They provide cost-efficient, high-quality services with enhanced responsiveness and care.

Guard Tour System

Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, offers the GCS ProxiPen Data Acquisition Unit and TopGuard Patrol reporting software. ProxiPen’s data points are RFID tags, which ProxiPen senses and reads automatically whenever they come into its reading range, so guards don’t have to actually touch the tag. Thus, the ProxiPen can read a tag even if it is wet, frosty, dirty, greasy, or painted over. It can even read tags that are concealed behind wallpaper, sheetrock, plaster, paneling, or any other nonmetallic surface, an advantage in applications where aesthetics or vandalism are considerations. The ProxiPen kit includes the ProxiPen, a data transfer unit, 33 RFID tags, reporting software, and an incident book. The TopGuard Patrol software can be used with other GCS data acquisition hardware, including the Escorte system, in combination with the ProxiPen if desired.

Metal Detector

The PD 6500i walk-through metal detector from Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, is designed for maximum patron throughput. It features 33 distinct zones to precisely identify multiple target locations. With transmitters and receivers in each panel, the detector scans from both sides, providing superior detection, uniformity, and performance. Easy to assemble, the PD 6500i meets TSA, European airports, and other international security requirements. Remote monitoring, networking, and data analysis options are also available. The versatile metal detector has settings for airports, courthouses, prisons, schools, special events, mass transit, loss prevention, and many other applications.







Luminous Door Handle

Yale Commercial Locks and Hardware of Lenoir City, Tennessee, has introduced Lumi-Lite, a photoluminescent door hardware coating that illuminates an exit during a fire or power outage. Under normal conditions, this unique material constantly “charges” from ambient light sources. When light is diminished, it emits a bright yellow-green glow that clearly identifies the nearest exit. It requires no wiring and no power source, is fire- and vandal-resistant, and offers a cost-effective, life-safety solution for existing buildings. It meets New York City building codes and is approved for exit path markings required in buildings over 75 feet.

Access Control Software

The WinDSX total access control software demo CD from Dallas-based DSX Access Systems, Inc., provides an extensive narrated walkthrough of the WinDSX program. It also serves as a basic administrative training tool for those who already have a WinDSX access control system. Some features are threat level management, time zones controlled with linking, elevator control interface, digital video recorder interfaces, CCTV control, integral photo ID and badging, LAN/WAN compatibility, smart-card and biometric integration, visitor management, lighting and HVAC control, and time-and-attendance integration. A free copy of the software demo CD is available upon request at under “Requests.”


ID Management

IdentityDefender by Lenel Systems International of Rochester, New York, automates the processes required to issue and manage smart-card credentials for use in physical and logical security. The modular system has four main components. IdentityDirector manages the credentialing workflow and inter-modular communications. IdentityCollector provides intuitive, straightforward capture of the applicant’s photographic, biometric, and demographic data. IdentityProducer prints the credential, and IdentityActivator verifies and activates it. Each module seamlessly integrates with the others, and modules integrate into an organization’s current infrastructure. Lenel has just released a technology update for the system, IdentityDefender, version 2.2. The update includes a streamlined, optimized data capture workflow in the IdentityCollector module. The new release also adds support for ActivIdentity card management system (CMS) 4.0 SP2 and conforms to the specifications of FIPS 201-1, the latest U.S. government standard.         

Dome Cameras

The OpteliDome line of cameras addresses the requirements of today’s video-based security systems and the requirement for more processing power in the camera itself. By combining a high quality MPEG-4 encoder with reliable camera components, Optelecom-NKF of Germantown, Maryland, has produced a camera system that is easily deployed, reliable, and feature rich. The cameras are available in pan-tilt-zoom and fixed position domes. In addition to Ethernet output, all versions have a built-in analog output so copper or fiber-optic connections are possible when IP is not available. The powerful processor supports in-camera processing of video, including video storage and motion detection. Cameras also have bidirectional contact closure and audio transmission capabilities. The built-in Web interface provides password-protected access to the camera settings, encoder controls, video motion detection setup, a live camera video port, and pan-tilt-zoom control, all from an Internet browser.          

Door Security

The new EasyKit from Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, is an integrated door security system for access and egress control. It includes everything necessary (hardware, wiring, documentation, etc.) for a successful implementation, with support from Detex-trained and certified installation experts worldwide. A wide variety of electric options makes installation even easier by eliminating components required by other manufacturers. Backed by a warranty, the systems are easy to specify, order, install, use, and maintain.





Integrated Security Honeywell

Honeywell Security of Louisville, Kentucky, is integrating the worlds of access control and video surveillance, enabling more effective security solutions for customers. The new Pro-Watch with VISTA integration combines the company’s most popular access control system with video and intrusion detection into one powerful software interface. It offers a complete security management solution including access control, alarm monitoring, video badging, and CCTV. The company’s new Intelligent Video Analytics software reviews vast amounts of raw video in real time, using rules-based object detection, classification, and tracking to distinguish suspicious activity from normal activity. By combining access control, video, and intrusion into a single, easy-to-use platform, users save time and money.

Guard Tour System

Miami-based Contronics Technologies manufactures the world’s leading Guard Tour System, an electronic system composed of hardware and software that controls tours of patrol officers or security guards. Guardus data collectors are made of stainless steel and are extremely rugged. The wands require minimum maintenance and are easy to operate. Several download devices are available, some with the capability to send data from remote locations. The reports generated by PROGuard software are comprehensive tools to manage and evaluate the security guards. There are several reports to choose from and all can be configured to show specific details.

Alarm Monitoring

Fire and security alarms can be relayed with pinpoint accuracy using the new Text-2-Cell Alarm Monitoring and Dispatching System from Digitize, Inc., of Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. Used in conjunction with the Digitize Remote Annunciator, Text-2-Cell instantly transmits alarm and response information to those people with a need to know, regardless of their locations. Compatible with all cell phone networks, it supplies detailed information, so personnel can respond to save lives and property. It is easy to add or delete personnel and phone numbers for up-to-date contact information. 

Revolving Doors

Horton ControlFlow revolving doors effectively provide increased facility security by preventing unauthorized individuals from entering (piggybacking or tailgating) along with authorized personnel. The Visdom HS system from Horton Automatics of Corpus Christi, Texas, uses both three-dimensional and two-dimensional vision technology to prevent violations and provide remote monitoring of facility entrances. The vision technology offers a reliable way to prevent unauthorized access to secure sites. Visdom HS can also interface with existing security cameras and recording systems.

Card Printers

For the fourth consecutive year, Evolis card printers personalized and printed the accreditation badges at the 60th Cannes Film Festival. Thirty printers from Evolis of Angers, France, were deployed at the access points of the Palais du Festival, where they personalized and printed more than 55,000 accreditation badges. Individuals from all over the world obtained their personalized (text, logo, bar code) accreditation badges made by Evolis Pebble printers, while Evolis Quantum, the industrial-strength printer, delivered and printed independently 15,000 badges for groups of 300 to 800 people at a time. The ID card operations were implemented by Tech-Event.

Wireless Access

SARGENT Manufacturing Company of New Haven, Connecticut, has introduced a new, networked lockset that eliminates the need to hardwire door locks. The Profile Series v.S2 combines access control intelligence and all door hardware components into a single package. It uses an existing wireless local area network infrastructure, so it can be installed in difficult locations, and it is Wi-Fi-enabled and WEP-compatible. Administrators can add, remove, or change existing users’ access profiles from a networked PC. The access control is available on the company’s Grade 1 Bored Lock (10 Line), Mortise Lock (8200 Series), and 80 Series exit devices.







Digital Recorder

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America of Irvine, California, has introduced the DX-TL4U, a four-input digital video recorder that is easy to use. Ideal for small retail environments, gas stations, and other small businesses, the cost-effective unit offers an easy transition from analog to digital. Easily controlled using a front-button interface or wireless remote, it features one of the lowest learning curves of its class. Less than two inches tall, it is one of the thinnest, space-saving recorders available. The new 250GB and 500GB models can record up to six months or one year, respectively, at one image per second in standard mode with advanced proprietary compression.

Security Driver Training

Advanced Driving & Security Inc. of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, is an advanced driving school that specializes in training security drivers and executive protection teams and hosting corporate fleet safety programs. The company, which specializes in corporate security and law enforcement training, can design and implement courses for a wide audience. The lead instructor staff is made up of Tony Scotti’s first-generation instructors. The instructors have trained executive protection teams, governments, and heads of state throughout 28 countries spanning five continents. Over the past two decades, professional security drivers have found the realistically intense and science-oriented training approach to be successful.       

Business Continuity Training

Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) of Washington, D.C., offers training in business continuity planning and has been recognized by NFPA 1600 (part of the 9/11 Commission recommendations); U.S. Department of the Treasury; and government ministries in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. DRII has provided certification and education programs since 1988, and more than 4,000 business continuity professionals from various industries maintain DRII certifications. The Associate Business Continuity Professional (ABCP), Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), and Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP) certifications assure employers that candidates understand the tenets of business continuity and maintain their level of knowledge through continuing education.

Compact Shredder

Kusters Engineering America of Venlo, The Netherlands, has designed the Intelligent Disintegrator 100-series, for small, decentralized governmental and commercial requirements. It offers jam-free, low-noise, dust-free operation that meets Department of Defense destruction requirements. In addition, the system is equipped with various security features for safe and secure operation. It handles up to 100 pounds per hour, and the system can be equipped with a bag collection system or a specially developed, small briquetting system for optimal shred handling. Multiple units can be connected in a network and connected to one briquetting system.



Business Shredder

MBM Corporation of North Charleston, South Carolina, has added a new model to its line of Destroyit business shredders. The 4005 Centralized Office shredder makes centralized, large-capacity shredding easy and convenient. Four shred sizes are available in strip-cut, crosscut, and super micro-cut formats. The easy-switch multifunction control element and an electronically controlled safety shield make it one of the safest shredders in its class. The exclusive electronic capacity control indicator helps prevent paper jams, and automatic oil injection ensures optimum performance at all times. At the heart of the unit are heavy-duty, hardened steel cutting shafts covered by a ten-year warranty.         





Thermal Imaging

The Infrared Products division of L-3 Communications of Dallas delivers high-performance infrared technology solutions and camera systems for a wide variety of thermal imaging applications. Whether performing critical missions, gathering intelligence, or conducting situation analysis, the products pick up where conventional surveillance technologies fall short. Integrated with existing surveillance infrastructure, the infrared cameras detect suspicious activity at night and through blinding weather conditions. This full-time, around-the-clock surveillance capability is ideal for protecting facility perimeters, critical infrastructure, and high-value assets. The Thermal Eye Guardian provides 320 x 240 resolution and is available in a pan-tilt configuration. For additional capabilities and maximum effectiveness, the Guardian system integrates optional features, including CCTV camera, microphone, and communications protocols.




Key Control

Morse Watchmans Inc. of Oxford, Connecticut, has introduced the new KeyWatcher Illuminated System. The redesigned system offers more storage and convenience with illuminated slots to make it easier to find the proper keys. The new design occupies less wall space and keys can be returned to any location. The system locates the right key and signals it with a red light. Only that key is released and the system records who removed it and when. New systems are available with modules containing slots for keys, lockers, and credit cards, and they can include an optional built-in fingerprint or other reader.





Card Printer

The new Magicard Enduro from Ultra Electronics Card Systems of Redmond, Washington, offers flexibility combined with value. The printer can be field-upgraded from single to double-sided ID card printing, with a simple drop-in upgrade, so users can buy now and decide later whether they need double-sided printing. It features the patented HoloKote card watermark, which is produced during printing, with no additional consumables cost. With a USB interface and a Microsoft-certified plug-and-play driver, the printer is easy to install and easy to use. A 100-card hopper at the rear and a hand-feed slot at the front provide users with both batch-printing and one-off card printing convenience.

Video Switching

The Virtual Matrix Controller for use within the new ViconNet version 4.0 digital video management system from Vicon Industries Inc. of Hauppauge, New York, simulates the functionality of a crosspoint matrix switching system while providing all the advantages of a DVR or IP-based surveillance solution. It will display video from any networked camera on any monitor, facilitating the use of large-scale multimonitor wall designs. Camera selection can be controlled by a traditional keypad or by using the intuitive drag-and-drop PC interface. The new KRX-3 video decoder works with the controller to convert digital video into composite, S-Video, and VGA output. The controller is appropriate for use in both enterprise scale and smaller installations in any environment that could benefit from additional monitoring flexibility.

Guard Services


U.S. Security Associates, Inc., of Roswell, Georgia, engineers high-quality security solutions using proprietary technology for more than 2,800 clients throughout the country. It became the first uniformed security services company in the United States to be certified ISO 9001:2000 nationwide. The company continually invests in security program design and support, including Post-Positive Post Supervisory System, Post-Positive 2.0 Identity Verification System, and value-added technologies such as Responsive Management, Tour-Positive Data Collection Service, Enterprise Security Manager, and the new Visitor and Guest Management System. The company offers above-average security officer wages and provides superior background screening, training, supervision, and customer service. The client retention rate exceeds 90 percent, with an average relationship of 12 years.

Network Camera

New from Axis Communications of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, the AXIS 211W Network Camera provides superior image quality with progressive scan in up to 30 frames per second in VGA. Simultaneous motion JPEG and MPEG-4 allow for optimization of both image quality and bandwidth efficiency. Wireless IEEE 802.11g network capabilities include support for enterprise and personal Wi-Fi protected access (WPA/WPA2). For optimal installation flexibility, the camera also offers a wired Ethernet connection for power over Ethernet. Only one outlet is needed; either power or network. Two-way audio, audio alarm, and video motion detection increase monitoring options.




Tap Detection

The TALAN Telephone And Line Analyzer from Research Electronics International (REI) of Algood, Tennessee, evaluates digital and analog telephone systems (and other wiring) for eavesdropping threats. Among its new testing technologies are line nonlinear junction detection (which indicates if any electronics are attached to a wire), digital demodulation (which can indicate if a digital phone system is passing audio when it shouldn’t), frequency domain reflectometer (to check for impedance anomalies or taps on a phone line), and an automated switching matrix to automate tests on all pair combinations of wires on telephone line. The device also integrates and automates standard telephone testing equipment such as multimeter tests (voltage, current resistance, and capacitance), audio amplifier (to indicate if the line is passing audio), spectrum analyzer (up to 85 MHz), and oscilloscope.

ID Verification

The Verification Station from Hirsch Electronics of Santa Ana, California, delivers identity verification for the government/FIPS 201 and private sectors. The four-factor authentication device is capable of checking a person’s card, code, fingerprint, and PKI certificate. The multipurpose device can be used at card issuance to verify the card recipient’s identity before card handover, as a door and gate controller, as an enrollment device to transfer card data, and as a standalone or networked station to verify identities. It integrates several technologies, including a privacy-sensitive scrambling keypad, contact and contactless smart card readers, biometric fingerprint reader, and LCD display. The unit is IP-addressable and includes ports for door or other relays, Ethernet, Wiegand, RS-485, and RS-232. The Security Industry Association recently recognized the product with the Special Achievement Award for outstanding technical innovation.


Dahle North America, Inc., of Peterborough, New Hampshire, has developed a new generation of shredders that can destroy more then just paper. The 30406 & 30414 Multi+Media Shredders are designed to shred between 2,000 and 8,000 sheets of paper per day as well as CDs, DVDs, and floppy disks. The chain-driven 1 1/4-horsepower motor provides slip-free power to the cutting mechanism. Cutting cylinders are milled from a solid block of German steel, resulting in a machine with strength, power, and the ability to handle most information destruction needs. The shredders’ contemporary design and large storage capacity combine with an easy to use control pad. The wooden cabinet houses the shredded waste and deafens the noise to allow for quiet operation.





Access Control Terminal

Sagem Morpho, Inc., of Tacoma, Washington, has introduced the MorphoAccess 500 Series of indoor and outdoor biometric access control terminals. They feature dual-core ARM9 microprocessors with multi-thread processing capability, providing leading edge performance and versatility. The new terminals have internal database storage capacities of up to 50,000 records. All terminals feature a large area optical fingerprint sensor. Models are also available with internal contactless smart-card readers and fake finger detection. Users will value the quick authentication response time, ergonomically designed LCD and backlit keypad interfaces, and its large platen biometric scanner.


Guard Tour System

Miami-based ProxiGuard offers a guard tour system based on RFID technology. Because it is contactless it does not require line-of-sight checkpoints. Checkpoints can be read under water, snow, fog, ice, paint, dust, wood, and concrete; they can even be hidden in walls, preventing tampering. The intrinsically safe nature of RFID allows systems to be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres. New readers offer impact detection to alert the user if anyone is trying to damage or tamper with equipment.

Power Controller

The Maxim33 Access Power Controller from Altronix Corporation of Brooklyn, New York, features 16 independently trigger-controlled wet/dry outputs via two eight-output access power controllers. Each of the two power controller outputs can be configured to simultaneously offer 12 VDC and/or 24 VDC at up to 11.4 amps of total power. All outputs incorporate built-in selectable latching or nonlatching fire alarm interfaces. Multiple configuration options facilitate the design and installation of access control systems. It interfaces with access control panels and routes power to a variety of access control devices including magnetic locks, electric strikes, door holders, card readers, and biometrics.         



Explosion-Proof Camera

Videolarm of Decatur, Georgia, has developed a new PurgeDome camera system for monitoring hazardous environments. It operates on a supply of compressed air or inert gas that regulates the pressure within the sealed camera enclosure. This constant regulation process ensures that the internal monitoring camera and equipment are protected from hazardous fumes or gases, which, when combined, could ignite in a violent reaction or explosion. It is available in two models: IP Ready Digital PTZ Camera or Analog PTZ Camera. Both systems include a heater-blower device.


Durable Printers

Digital Identification Solutions of Greenville, South Carolina, has introduced the durable, long-lasting EDIsecure Professional Line that includes the inexpensive XID570i, the workhorse XID580i, and the high-production XID590i Re-transfer Card Printers, plus the resilient DCP360i direct card printer. This entire line includes options for in-line lamination, Ethernet connectivity, contact chip encoding, and contactless encoder/readers. The series is fully FIPS 201 compliant when combined with other EDIsecure components.



Management Platform

Controlware Communications Systems of Neptune, New Jersey, has released Cware, an advanced management platform with open architecture that enables users to integrate both analog and digital components. Analog CCTV systems benefit from the introduction of IP components into the networks without a loss of investment. Users already invested in IP components gain from the development of next-generation solutions and services, regardless of equipment vendor. Cware Integra provides an all-in-one solution for small to medium-size surveillance networks, supporting up to 64 cameras, while Cware Prime supports larger networks with an almost infinite number of cameras.

Mobile Reporting

The Wackenhut Corporation of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has launched a new tool that improves communications between Wackenhut security officers and their clients. Wackenhut Mobile Reporting allows security officers to stay in direct contact with clients when incidents occur on their site.  If an incident occurs at a facility, the security officer assigned to that location is able to use a hand-held PDA to quickly e-mail a synopsis of the incident report directly to the client’s designated contacts. This e-mail also goes to Wackenhut supervisors, and a regular hard-copy incident report follows through normal channels.



IP Encoder

The VideoEdge IP Encoder from American Dynamics of Boca Raton, Florida, offers best-in-class frame rates and resolution. The encoder converts analog video sources (from cameras and domes) into native IP signals and uses powerful active content compression technology common to the Intellex family of products. The encoder is compatible with the Intellex IP digital video management system and can also display live video on a network-connected Web browser. The encoder integrates a multimedia digital signal processor, combining processing power and programmable flexibility. Field-upgradeable feature updates protect a customer’s investment.

Employee Screening

Assure is a comprehensive, Web-based background screening solution that supports the pre-hire and ongoing screening needs of organizations. New York City-based Verified Person offers advanced search technology to quickly search state, county, and nationwide records and find more accurate matches, reducing turnaround times and false positives. Its in-house database covers more than 60 percent of the U.S. adult population. It integrates with leading enterprise resource planning solutions and complies with FCRA and other regulations.      





Intelligent Video

Perceptrak by Cernium Corporation of Reston, Virginia, is an advanced video analytics system that continuously analyzes video from all cameras in real time to deliver and record user-defined scenarios and behaviors. Powered by patented Perception Based Analytics, the system provides audible, visual, and messaged alerts to security operators for incident recognition, assessment, and response. Using a single console, an operator can review, manage, and respond to potential violations. It integrates seamlessly into existing analog or IP operations. Flexible architecture manages only relevant video to minimize bandwidth consumption. It can be installed with as few as 16 cameras and expanded to an enterprisewide, distributed environment without special hardware.


Mobile Alarm

MOBILELOCK, by DeWALT of Towson, Maryland, is a GPS-based wireless alarm system designed to protect mobile assets. When mounted in a hidden area, multiple sensors detect vibration, temperature, door contact, and tampering. A built in siren can sound in an event as a deterrent or remain silent if the goal is to catch the thief. When a sensor is tripped, users are notified via text message, e-mail, or automated phone call. If the equipment is stolen anyway, owners can log onto the MOBILELOCK Web site, enter a pass code, and track the approximate location of the item. Because it utilizes cellular-assisted GPS technology, the device can be located indoors and in most other obstructed areas. A sheriff’s department in Illinois has recovered about $237,500 in stolen construction equipment and identified nine thieves after using the product for two months.

Network Camera

Canon U.S.A., Inc., of Lake Success, New York, has introduced a new pan-tilt-zoom network video camera. Offering a wide 70-degree horizontal angle of view, the Canon VB-C300 PTZ Camera pans bidirectionally at ±170 degrees, making it ideal for tight, indoor spaces. Power over Ethernet allows the camera to use a single Ethernet cable for data transmission and power. The camera comes equipped with a high-sensitivity progressive-scan CCD that helps deliver crisp images of even rapidly moving objects. Its automatic day-night mode switches from color to black-and-white video, depending on available illumination. Incorporating a 2.4X optical zoom lens with 4X digital zoom, the camera has an autofocus system that keeps most of the camera’s image plane in sharp focus. The advanced lens design reduces the fish-eye distortion typical of extreme wide-angle lenses.

Access Control

IDenticard Systems of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, introduces PremiSys, an access control system that features a best-in-breed badging solution, expressionsID. Dynamic mapping to monitor alarms, relays, doors, and alarm acknowledgements is easy to configure, with drag-and-drop convenience. Compatible with multiple reader formats including biometric, proximity card, smart card, magnetic stripe, and bar code, the system is also ADA-compliant, providing extended door time to cardholders with disabilities. The built-in badgemaking solution offers ready-to-use designs that can be easily modified, and badges can be printed directly from the data entry screen. A Start-Up Kit facilitates creation of a flexible and scalable access control system. A suite of choices includes options for compact or expandable controller, a range of enclosure sizes for up to eight controllers and boards, card and reader options, and network connectivity for IP-based system functionality.

ID Verification

The DSV2+TURBO by Datastrip of Exton, Pennsylvania, is a hand-held device designed to provide identity verification by reading contact and contactless chips found on identification documents. Certified under the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), the GSA-approved device addresses federal, state, and local applications and is capable of processing an array of cards including PIV, TWIC, and CAC. The unit features GSA FIPS 201 Certified Cardholder Unique Identifier smart-card capability enabling authentication of digital ID information; GSA FIPS 201 Certified Fingerprint Sensor providing AFIS quality verification for instant biometric processing; a large transflective color touchscreen display that is readable in direct and low-light conditions; and an extended-use battery for long shifts, all housed in a lightweight, ruggedized terminal.     

Asset Protection

The KeyTrak Guardian provides a total lockdown solution, enabling assets such as keys, expensive security gear, and weapons to be secured, controlled and monitored at all times. Made by KeyTrak, Inc., of College Station, Texas, the system is customizable and modular. The Guardian SmartPanel consists of a 15-inch touch-screen monitor where users enter a password; it also includes a built-in fingerprint reader. Once logged in, the user is given a list of lockers or equipment accessible to that individual. The user selects the equipment that will be in use, and only the selected doors open. The doors automatically lock once closed. The system also provides a verifiable audit trail and extensive reporting capabilities from secured stations to provide effective tracking and access to the system.


Minidome Camera

Sony Electronics, Inc., of Park Ridge, New Jersey, has introduced a powerful new addition to its network minidome camera lineup. When used in conjunction with appropriate devices, the SNC-DF80N supports intelligent video analytics, an intelligent processing method based on the Sony DEPA platform. The camera employs intelligent motion detection and intelligent object detection to maximize the efficiency of the monitoring system. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and features a vandal- and weather-resistant body. It incorporates an advanced CCD with SuperExwave technology for extremely high sensitivity levels and clear images. The camera is also designed for around-the-clock operation thanks to its day-night function, which can produce detailed images even in zero-lux lighting conditions. Other useful features include a voice-alert function, date and time marking, and privacy zone masking.

Managed Access Control

ADT Security Systems of Boca Raton, Florida, is unveiling a new managed access control system. ADT Managed Access is based on Kantech access control hardware and delivers all of the access control features that an end user needs, without the hassle, expense, and onsite IT management required of a self-managed system. Designed to meet the individual needs of small businesses through enterprise level requirements, features include: an end user Web-based interface for reporting and cardholder changes, standard card readers and user credentials, a secure communications connection, fully redundant system servers, and administrators available online and by phone around the clock, 365 days a year. The Kantech hardware required is the same used for a standard site-managed system, so end users can move to or from the managed service as their needs change.

Viewing Application

Indianapolis-based Integral Technologies, Inc., has introduced a powerful new viewing application. DigitalSENTRY ControlPoint is a new digital video surveillance software application that allows users to manage any combination of analog and IP devices through a single client interface. The software supports all of the company’s digital video management systems. The system’s open architecture platform allows for scalability, flexibility and future integration of advanced feature sets. A virtual matrix solution that supports multiple monitors, it allows configuration and management of complex security systems. The easy-to-use client features quick search of recorded audio and video, while an export wizard enables download of digital recordings. Users can sort and search for security devices by name, IP address, or custom-defined categories. The application provides a tabbed environment to quickly access multiple workspaces with a single click. It also supports third-party applications, video analytics, and data transaction information.

Security Management Platform

OnGuard 2008 is the latest release of the security management platform from Lenel Systems International of Rochester, New York. New video offerings include analog video viewing for IP cameras, pan-tilt-zoom joystick and keypad support, event-driven actions to Barco video wall layouts, streaming video buffering, two-way audio for IP cameras that support the capability, and direct camera connection for live video viewing should the network video recorder fail. Lenel IntelligentVideo now includes robust video analytics algorithms for flame and smoke detection. For identity applications, a new Lenel Print Services offering allows selection of a print service bureau within OnGuard for bulk, outsourced printing. ID CredentialCenter now supports user-defined field encryption to meet Social Security privacy concerns. The new, Lenel-developed Open Encoding Standard for MIFARE allows a standard MIFARE badge to be used across a variety of reader types from different manufacturers. OnGuard 2008 supports OSDP-compatible readers from HID and XceedID.

Video Switch

The NetSwitcher virtual video matrix switch from On-Net Surveillance Systems of Suffern, New York, enables the display of an unlimited number of cameras from multiple networked video recorders (NVRs) on a video wall. Any camera connected to any NVR can be instantly accessed, routed, or automatically pushed on-event to any video wall monitor or networked PC. The switch eliminates the need for any matrix switching hardware. It allows full utilization of high-definition cameras by providing digital pan-tilt-zoom on live and recorded images. The switch can be controlled from anywhere within the network. The intuitive user-interface uses graphical keypads, optional touchscreens, multiple dynamic maps, and pan-tilt-zoom joysticks for fast training. After-the-fact investigation tools include digital pan-tilt-zoom into recorded images, bi-directional playback with variable speed, and instant access to recorded events.

Digital Recorders

ELMO USA Corporation of Plainview, New York, has expanded its line of embedded digital video recorders with the introduction of the new ProVidient Series. Each model employs secure, intelligent, and upgradable technology, so they can be used by single-users or multisite applications requiring video analytics. The EMR-16, EDR-10PV, EDR-16PV and EDR-20PH are network-ready with embedded, solid-state system reliability. They also provide accurate images and user-friendly operation through simplified setup procedures and on-screen menus. Fault conditions of the system and alarm events are reported immediately enabling timely responses. Several units are POS upgradable and the EDR-20PH includes one channel of video analytics software, expandable to four channels. All units have high-performance power supplies, CPUs, hard drives, and enhanced cooling capabilities.

Door Controller

The DirecDoor controller from GE Security of Bradenton, Florida, is a two-reader and two-door access controller. It integrates with GE’s Facility Commander Wnx, Secure Perfect, and Picture Perfect access control and integrated security management software. The controller is located on the secure side of the door. It can use power over Ethernet or can be powered by a local power supply. It can even power the lock hardware in its PoE configuration. Its simple plug-in installation significantly reduces labor costs and allows new doors to be efficiently controlled using online access systems. Up to two doors may be independently controlled with connections for two readers (Wiegand or Supervised F/2F), two door contacts, two REX devices, and a total of two door-strike relays and/or magnetic locks.





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